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Fruit Bow Ties


Fruit Bow Ties | Tropical Bowties Online

If you want to bring a fruity statement to your office regulars, these fruit bow ties by OTAA will bask your wardrobe in a tropical paradise. No matter what kind of fruit your sweet tooth craves, we definitely have a fruit bow tie in this collection to satisfy your taste buds. Ranging from watermelons and strawberries, to coconuts and bananas, our fruit bowties for men are the best way to bring a tasty element to your tailoring arrangements. Perfect for your vacation attire, these fruit bow ties online will give a relaxed outlook to your seaside ensembles. Just pair your fruit bow tie with a coconut and a straw hat and you'll complete the look to absolute perfection. However, if you don't have the luxury of taking your fruit bowtie on holiday, you can wear it to the office to drop subtle hints to your boss. Soon you'll be treated to an all-expenses paid 5 star retreat. Well, we can only wish that will happen. Have a browse through our funky collection and select the perfect tropical bow tie to quench to styling thirsts.


Buy A Fruit Bow Tie | Tropical Bowties For Men

Get suited to maximum perfection with our sumptuous fruit bowtie range. With just about every fruit in your standard fruit salad bowl, we've definitely got a sweet number in here to dress you up to elegant proportions. Choose from grapes, bananas and pineapples to find that special flavour to complement your outfits. And if you're a guy who has trouble choosing, we've got a Tutti Fruity Bow Tie to give you all the fruits you could possibly need. It doesn't matter what occasion you need your fruit bowtie for, these designs are versatile enough to suit virtually any occasion. Perfect for the office, weddings, parties and your weekend outings, there's no doubt you'll use these fruit bowties time, and time again. So whip out your favourite white shirt and let our handsome navy blue bow ties reward it a wealth of sophistication. To complement your men's bow tie with maximum refinement, just pair it with some sparkling silver cufflinks to imbue an aspect of luxury. Browse through our exclusive range and find the best tropical bowtie to complement your suits!


Best Fruit Bow Ties | Fruit Bowtie For Men

These fruit bowties are fresh enough to bring life to all your formal suits. They're underpinned by a strong attention to detail that makes them the best men's bow tie collection in the globe! Kitted out with OTAA's signature navy blue backing, these Tropical bow ties offer a rich navy fabric that boasts intricate diagonal line details. Their meticulous attention to detail is paired with our handcrafted philosophy which means they've all been stitched by hand for your maximum sense of luxury. Essentially, every time you put your fruit bowtie on, you'll be met with a supreme sense of opulence whenever you march out the door. You'll immediately appreciate its structured silhouette and its plush feel on the skin. So basically, your fruit bowtie will feel like a tropical paradise! But don't worry, these fruit bowties don't come with a luxury price tag! You can enjoy your tropical retreat at the most affordable price because these fruit bow ties for men don't cost an arm and a leg. The Brothers at OTAA have dedicated themselves to producing the highest quality men's bow ties at the lowest possible prices so you can gift yourself a rich sense of value. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 




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