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Herringbone Bow Ties


Buy Herringbone Bowties Online

A herringbone bow tie is probably the most sophisticated way to add an eye-catching feature to your suits. These marvellous herringbone bowties online are finessed with a subtle zig zag pattern to give your outfits a subtle nod of elegance without being over the top. They're perfectly refined enough to suit men who like to look sophisticated without drawing too much attention which means they're ideal for wearing to weddings as well as your relaxed outings on a Sunday morning. Their subtle contrasting tones of colour will give you something to draw people's eye without being too flamboyant, and they're the perfect alternative to striped bow ties which can sometimes be a bit bold. These magnificent herringbone bow ties online offer a wealth of different colours to match whatever occasion you have planned; whether it be a wedding, a party or just your Monday morning in the office! Browse through our expansive range and find the best herringbone bowtie to suit your styling tastes. 

Herringbone Bow Ties | Men's Bow Ties Online

These herringbone bowties for men have been superbly designed in-house to absolute perfection. The Brothers at OTAA thought long and hard about what sort of designs would be the most versatile in terms of use. They found that herringbone designs were the best. Essentially, whatever occasion you have planned, these versatile herringbone bowties will be a superb match to complement your outfits. After being designed with a wide selection of colours; ranging from vintage browns and blacks all the way to rosy reds, these herringbone bowties have been stitched by hand from the most sumptuous selection of handwoven fabrics. Our broad offering of pure linen, pure micro and pure wool fabrics makes this herringbone bow tie collection one of the most diverse in the world! Their heavenly attention to detail and superbly robust fabrics will gift you the art of elegance every time you wish to dress to the nines. 

Best Herringbone Bowtie Collection

Our men's bowties online have earned their title as the best herringbone bow ties in the world because they offer a high quality style at the most affordable price.. The Brothers at OTAA constantly make it their mission to come up with trendy designs that won't break the bank. Our immaculate selection of zig zag bowties is a testament to our high-quality outlook because they're all crafted by hand and tailored from the most sumptuous range of wool, satin and linen fabrics. Although herringbone bowties can be quite understated in style, they're the perfect way to give your wardrobe a versatile advantage. Because of their simplistic design, there's no doubt these herringbone bowties can be worn with just about any outfit to any occasion. Just pair your new herringbone bow tie with a solid pocket square to achieve the most refined take. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 



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