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Men’s Ties

Woven intricately with the highest attention to detail and finished carefully by hand, OTAA’s men’s neckties collection contain the finest pieces of men’s ties that have been thoughtfully designed by the Brothers. The inspiration for each necktie has come from their travels in Australia and around the world, where men’s ties are worn both formally and casually all year around in the dry, arid reaches of Abu Dhabi to the snowy hilltops in Vienna - we think. Each textured twist and finely woven thread builds the perfect matrix of eye-catching detail in the Brothers’ men’s neckties that create a flawless finish to your outfit. The Brothers’ collection of men’s ties have a structured yet light feel that contrast agreeably with white shirts. OTAA’s men’s neckties comes in all colours and designs and importantly, the Brothers have meticulously measured the length and width of each men’s tie to ensure it is the perfectly balanced piece for your getup.


Buy Ties Online

The Brothers have ensured that when you buy ties online from OTAA, you’re getting nothing but the finest cuts of material that have been crafted delicately into the best men’s ties. Buying men’s ties online from OTAA is always a good choice as we have one of the largest collections of men’s neckties in the world, starting from the classic pastel ties all the way through to a T-Rex tie for some reason. Whatever you fancy, we probably have it available in our tie shop so you can buy neckties with ease. If you’re looking to match up a necktie with your suit or a dress, feel free to drop the Brothers a line with a message and image so they can handpick the best necktie for you. To buy neckties online can be a tricky feat, which is why the Brothers will send a photo of their suggested men’s neckties so you can make the final call. Buy ties online and come on board with the Brothers at OTAA.


The Best Ties

The right way to choose the best ties for your outfit is to decide on which coloured suit and shirt you’ll be wearing. When it comes to buying neckties online, our collection ranges from the wool tie all the way to the cotton tie and the linen tie so that you can find the perfect men’s neckties for your getup. When you’re buying a tie online from OTAA, choose the ties that can be elegantly worn at work and dressed up for those after work drinks. Buy men’s neckties online from the Brothers at OTAA and outshine everyone around you (maybe not groom, though).