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Modern Ties


Modern Ties and Neckties 

The Brothers at OTAA are at the forefront of tie fashion and there's no better place to look for a modern tie than right here. If you want to stay in touch with contemporary fashion, the Brothers at OTAA have already done all the research for you. This is a comprehensive list of the most modern ties you can find anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for something formal or you just want something you can wear to work- we've got an extensive selection of satins, linens, cottons and micro fabrics to have you covered. Your tie is the centre piece of your suit and it's the most important thing you need to pay attention to if you want to keep your style modern. Making leaps in contemporary style, OTAA's contemporary ties have been forecasted and extensively researched before they were designed. With minimalist solid designs as well as stripes and polka dots- we've got every style and shade in this collection to get you suited up to the nines. The essence of a modern tie comes down to how it was made and the foundation of its design. All of our men's ties have been hand-tailored by industry experts and stitched by hand with impeccable precision. This means that our contemporary neckties are at the pinnacle of quality designs in Australia and lead the way in bringing you the most up to date style in the world. With research, design and style as a foundation, these modern designs offer the best option to buy ties online. 


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