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Holiday Ties


Holiday and Travel Ties and Neckties

You're going on vacation and you've left your wardrobe to the last minute- OTAA's holiday ties will get your bags packed. It's only normal to let your style lapse when you're unwinding from a busy year and slowly switching to 'holiday mode'. However with OTAA's wide range of holiday and travel neckties in your wardrobe, you'll be leaving your work-worries at the door and bringing in the holiday season with style and class! If you're going overseas, our travel ties will have you looking like the classiest, well travelled gentleman who ever roamed the planet. We've got coconut ties, palm tree ties and watermelon ties to have you dressed to the nines when you're sipping that mojito in the Bahamas. And if you're going to France to visit the Mona Lisa, one of our very refined floral ties will have you looking incredibly cultured. If you don't have the luxury of travel and you're staying home for the holiday season, our beach sand crab tie will have your days feeling like an island breeze. Let our relaxed range of cottons, linens and microfibers do all the talking when it comes to holiday chic. All of the travel ties in this collection have been stitched by hand and tailored with the finest quality materials to ensure an added level of luxury when you step foot on that airport catwalk. This means that when laze on your tropical beach, you'll be backed up by quality and well as luxurious style. Happy holidaying.


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