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Funky Ties


Funky Ties and Neckties for Men

Inject your tailoring with a wealth of personality using one of OTAA's funky ties. With a range of polka dots and paisleys to pick from- you'll undoubtedly be the most outlandish guy in the room. Wear them to weddings, dinners and your boring Monday mornings in the office if you want to add a bit of extra life to your wardrobe. And if you want something that really captures your personality, we've got a bunch of animal ties to do the talking. Ice creams if you're feeling decadent, dinosaurs if you're feeling fierce and AI robots if you're feeling like the smartest guy in the room! Use your tie to let people know how you're feeling and let it add a quirky touch to any outfit of choice. We know there's no section in your office rule book that states you can't wear a watermelon tie to work- so why not give it a go! These funny ties have been designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA and handmade to perfection to ensure you're given the most luxurious experience. Let our novelty ties give you something to hold your head up high when you walk out the door and get your through the day with an air of confidence. Have a look through our extensive range of designs and find the perfect funky tie for you. 

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