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Different Ties


Different Ties and Neckties

How many times have you showed up to a formal event and noticed that everyone was wearing the same thing? Sometimes black ties just don't cut it when you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Our range of different ties will be your one way ticket to changing up the status-quo. If you want to turn up to an event and know that you'll be the only guy wearing your tie- then this range is the perfect choice for you. Taking leaps and strides in flamboyant fashion, there's something in here to satisfy the taste buds of every man who just wants to do something a bit different. The Brothers at OTAA firmly believe that boldness and confidence is the key to pulling off the best styles and fashions. Our range of usual neckties showcases stripes, paisleys and even donkeys for men who want to reach new levels of boldness with their style. A unique tie will give you a bit of extra attitude and communicate to the world who you are. With a broad range of outlandish designs and styles to choose from, there's no way you'll be able to walk into a room without people turning their heads in admiration. Our different neckties are all stitched by hand from a selection of satins, cottons and micro fabrics to have you looking seriously smooth. Welcome in a new and improved you with our incredibly unique novelty ties. 

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