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How To Fold A Rose Fold

The Rose Fold is synonymous with romance. It will give you that extra bit of "je ne sais quoi" to make magic things happen on date night. If you're looking for a pocket square fold that will add an elegant touch to your evening attire, the Rose Fold will help you put your most sophisticated foot forward. It offers a curvaceous folded rose appearance that will superbly decorate your jacket pocket. Just pair it with your most prized tailored suit to make an elegant impression on date night. We can't guarantee it will give you results, but it will certainly improve them. And don't forget to bring actual roses. 

Rose Fold folding steps

How To Fold A Rose Fold - steps How To Fold A Rose Fold - steps How To Fold A Rose Fold - steps
  1. Lay your pocket square face-down.
  2. Create a circle with your hand and rest the pocket square on top.
  3. With two fingers, push the fabric through the circle.
  4. Twist the fabric around in a circular motion whilst reducing the size of your fist.
  5. Once you have created enough twisted pleats in the fabric, gently remove your bottom hand.
  6. Gather the remaining fabric together at the bottom and organise the fabric in twisted folds.
  7. Keep adjusting the fabric until you create a ruffled rose appearance.
  8. Place it in your pocket.
How To Fold a Pocket Square


The Rose Fold offers a romantic perspective to your tailored looks and it helps to break up the harsh lines of your suit. It's a frequenter at weddings, anniversaries and other akin celebrations because it makes such a classy and elegant statement. Although it looks relatively complex at first glance, it's actually incredibly easy to complete.

Folding Tips

You don't have to be too precise when arranging the "petals" of your rose. It may take a bit of fiddling and reorganising to unveil a rose shape that you're happy with. Don't be afraid to actively rearrange the folds as many times as you like until you achieve a rose shape that you're happy with. It can be as ruffled or as simple as you like!

Styling Tips

The Rose Fold isn't a pocket square fold you can take to your Sunday lunch. Well you can, but you may look a tad overdressed. The best occasions to wear the Rose Fold are weddings (either yours or your friend's), date nights, anniversary dinners or balls. We definitely recommend saving it for something special!
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