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How To Fold A Puff Fold

The Puff Fold is a winner for bringing dimension into your tailoring! If you want something that will break up the harsh angles of your suit and also let everyone know you’re a stylish kind of guy, the Puff Fold will be your new best friend. It offers a flamboyant puff in the crest of your pocket and we couldn’t think of anything more dapper to polish off your suits. Wear this pocket square style as a way of bringing flair to your otherwise classic formal looks. With this baby in your pocket, you’ll be just one martini away from channelling 007. Cheers!

Puff Fold folding steps

How To Fold A Puff Fold - steps How To Fold A Puff Fold - steps How To Fold A Puff Fold - steps
  1. Lay your pocket square face-up.
  2. Pinch your pocket square in the centre of the fabric and lift it up.
  3. As you elevate it, run your other hand down the length of the fabric with two fingers.
  4. Stop three quarters of the way down.
  5. As you hold it, arrange the folded part so that it spreads out to the side to create a puff.
  6. Gather the fabric at the bottom and fold it up towards the back.
  7. Place it in your pocket.
How To Fold a Pocket Square


The Puff Pocket Square Fold is a brilliant way to accentuate the light and dark tones of your pocket square. The billowing pleats allows you to see the casting of highlights and shadows that your pocket square makes, especially for silk and satin materials. It also works to relieve the strict lines and angles of your suit, such as your lapels and collar.

Styling Tips

The Puff Fold is a formal knock-out! You can wear it to high-esteemed occasions to really make your mark. Although it’s a simple fold to complete, it doesn’t hold back in terms of effect. Wear it with your favourite tie of choice to make a dapper statement at formal events. If you want to wear it to work, go for a more understated tie as to not intimidate your colleagues!

Folding Tips

The Puff Fold is one of the only pocket square styles you can throw caution to the wind in the folding process. The beauty of the Puff Fold is that it isn’t exact and it looks different every time you fold it. This means that you can introduce your own creativity and intuition when deciding how to create your perfect puff.
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