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How To Fold a Three Peak Fold

The Three Peak Fold is for gentleman who prize regality. This pocket square fold features three diamond peaks that splay out at the top to like a king's crown. It will definitely make you feel like royalty! Essentially, the Three Peak Fold is a fancied-up version of the Two Peak Fold and it will give you an attention-grabbing detail when you want to make a sophisticated statement. Reserve this eye-catching pocket square fold for formal events only. You don't want to look too showy in the office, do you?

Three Peak Fold folding steps

How To Fold a Three Peak Fold - steps How To Fold a Three Peak Fold - steps How To Fold a Three Peak Fold - steps
  1. Lay your pocket square face-down in a diamond shape.
  2. Fold it in half from bottom to top so that two points meet.
  3. Take the bottom right point and fold it up to the top point. Position it slightly askew to the left of the top point to create two peaks.
  4. Take the bottom left point and fold it up askew to the right of both peaks. This creates three peaks.
  5. Fold the right corner in towards the middle just past the centre point.
  6. Take the left corner and fold it over just past the centre point. The pocket square should look like a cone.
  7. Fold the bottom section up to the back. Adjust according to the length of your pocket.
  8. Place it in your jacket pocket.
How To Fold a Pocket Square


The Three Peak Fold makes a powerful statement of confidence so it's a great option for men who like to stand out from the crowd. It's both attention-grabbing and traditional all in one. It will give you a charming point of difference at formal occasions whilst still keeping in the same tastes as the Bonds and Gatsbys of the world.

Folding Tips

It's important to finish with the middle point in the centre. To achieve a symmetrical effect, make sure you cross over the side points to the same degree. If you cross one side point further than the other, the middle point will look off-centre at the end.

Styling Tips

The crowning feature of the Three Peak Fold is its precise, angular tips. To do justice to the exquisite architecture of the Three Peak Fold, go for a simple pocket square with only one or two colours.
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