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Should Ties and Pocket Squares Match?

Wether ties and pocket squares should match has been up for debate since ties came to existence in the 17th century. Whilst it's tempting to match your tie with your pocket square due to the simplicity and cohesion it should theoretically create, ties and pocket squares should never match. If you're wanting to put your best foot forward at a formal event, it's essential to know the tips and tricks of pairing your tie with your pocket square. Going for the same design can look like very amateur and make your outfit look too "matchy matchy". 


Matching ties and pocket squares


When we give praise to fashion ensembles, it's usually because they've displayed some amount of ingenuity or creativity. When you go for a matching tie and pocket square, it's clear you haven't put thought into the nuances of your accessories and the possibility of creating deeper layers. Don't get us wrong, your tie should definitely complement your pocket square but making them exactly the same eliminates opportunity for sophistication. 


Rules on pairing Ties and Pocket Squares

Your pocket square should accent your tie

Your pocket square should pick up at least one of the colours in your tie but that doesn't necessarily mean the tone has to match. Your pocket square should give a subtle accent to your tie which could mean displaying a slightly lighter or darker tone. 


Tie and pocket square


Filicudi Brown Paisley Tie Khaki Linen Pocket Square


Don't overdo it with designs

Mastering the art of sharp style means understanding the nuances of accessorising. In one outfit, there should only be one or two statement pieces and everything else should support in the background. This means you need to make a choice; will your tie be the statement or your pocket square? Don't pair a bold pocket square with a bold tie if you don't want to run the risk of them cancelling each other out. 


How to match a tie and pocket square


 Don't mix and match materials

If you're wearing a cotton or linen tie, don't wear a satin pocket square (and vice versa). The only time it's acceptable to wear contrasting fabrics is if you're wearing a white cotton/linen pocket square. White cotton and linen pocket squares tend to match all ties, but if you're looking to make a lasting statement, you might want to get a bit more creative.  

Tie and pocket square


Choose analogous colours

Analogous colours are colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel. If you want to think outside the box and stray away from using the same colour pocket square as your tie, the best way to go is choosing an analogous colour. A great example of this is pairing a lavender tie with a navy blue pocket square


Analogous colour wheel  


Nude Navy bBue Tie Forest Green Paisley Pocket Square


The Take Away

Sophistication is all about creating harmony in your outfit. Surprisingly, the best way to do this is to choose accessories that are different in terms of colour and design. Sometimes, the most distracting ensembles are the ones that look too orchestrated. Don't be afraid to loosen things up and consider how you can introduce another layer in your wardrobe. 


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