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The Best Ties to Wear to Weddings

It's always a dilemma working out the best tie to wear to a wedding. More often than not, it will depend on the season, the location as well as the suit you're wearing it with but if we know one thing's for sure; ties are essential for weddings. 

Whether you're attending a relaxed coastal wedding on the beaches of Bali, or you're living it up at a lavish French chateau, this article will take you through all the best ties to wear to a wedding.  

Traditionally, weddings were generally attended with silk and satin ties due to their formal sheen and more "sleek" appearance. But as wedding ceremonies have changed and become drastically more varied over the years, as has the institution of wedding ties overall. Now, you're going to be looking at linens and cottons if you want to make a modern statement but of course, it all depends on the setting. 


Ties for a Beach Wedding

One of the most idealised wedding locations you can possibly think of; beach weddings require a special kind of tie. Forget your sheen satins and silks, beach weddings call for linens, pastels and maybe even florals. An overtly loud satin tie may overwhelm the setting and start to cause conflict with the relaxed theme.


A textured linen fabric makes the perfect beach wedding tie because it has a rustic appearance that suits the relaxed vibe. Opt for soft baby blues, greys and khakis if you want to truly capture the coastal surroundings. 

Best tie for a beach wedding


Ties for a Church Wedding

Solid coloured satins are the best ties to wear to a church wedding; whether you're an attendee or the groom. Churches are the most traditional venue to hold a wedding so it's good to honour the occasion with a formal, conservative tie. Burgundy, emerald, navy blue or ivory ties are superb colour choices ties as they'll give you a traditional, polished look. If you want to spruce it up even more, you can consider going for a textured satin or polka dot tie


Burgundy Satin Tie


Ties for a Country Wedding

You're in the country with no flashy high rise buildings in sight and your surroundings mainly consist of rolling hills and clear blue skies. For this kind of wedding, the best tie to wear is a linen or cotton because of their more rustic appearance. There's no better way to stand out like a sore thumb in the country than to wear an overtly shiny satin tie. The relaxed drape and textured offering of linen ties makes them the best complement to picturesque country surroundings. Choose from burgundies, blues, greys, lavenders and soft pinks for an appropriate statement. 

Best Tie for a Country WeddingTie For a Country Wedding


Ties for a City Weddings

City slicker weddings demand the confidence and flashiness of satin ties. If you want to put your most polished foot forward, a satin tie will help you do just the thing. Because city wedding tend to be more modern, you have more room to be flamboyant in your colour palette. Go for pinks, reds, purples, blacks and sapphires if you want to make a loud statement. 

City Wedding Tie

Dark Green French Bicycle Necktie Paisley Black and Blue Tie


Ties for an Island Wedding

Everyone dreams of being invited to an island wedding; the exotic beaches, the warm weather and the crystal blue sea. If you're lucky enough to be invited to an island wedding, it's now your chance to get fun and quirky with your tie. Go for a vibrant floral tie if you want to really suit the occasion. There are plenty of exotic ties that will perfectly suit the occasion. 

Exotic Wedding Tie


Etrangere Paradis Floral Necktie Monaco Floral Necktie




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