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Best Places to Visit in Fiji Islands

Fiji or Feejee ... no matter how you pronounce it, the meaning is always the same: The Paradise!
Fiji Islands are famous for the kindness of Fijians who have been voted by several travel magazines as the world's kindest people. They are really nice people, smiling and waiting for you on their island playing the guitar and singing and not just for your money because they are like that.
  Fiji Islands 
Photo by Mountain Lion 
Of course, most attractions in Fiji Islands have to do with the sea and the sand. However, the islands also boast some unique and fascinating cultural possibilities related to the Fijian Aborigines and the Indo-Fijian community.
Trust me, Fiji will leave many postcard images, those that are never forgotten.   
Nadi Fiji Islands  
10 minutes from Airport, Nadi is the gateway to Fiji Islands. There are many hotels, hostels, resorts, from luxury to very cheap prices. I suggest you should spend a night or two in this city on the way to the Yasawa, the Mamanucas or waiting for the flight. You can book the hotel at the airport. The prices will be similar.
Travel to Nadi to discover its open-air market, where you will discover the crafts of these islands, such as kava bowls made of wood, saris, or traditional hand-painted dresses.
Cloud 9
  Cloud 9 Fiji Islands 
Seeing it can give the impression that this is the floating island of Waterworld from Kevin Costner’s movie. This bar, on the other hand, has nothing apocalyptic about it. It is rather a floating paradise, literally in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by turquoise blue water, coral reefs, and the horizon. You can arrive here by boat to spend the whole day having drinks from the bar or eating a delicious pizza from their pizzeria.
 Denarau Golf and Racquet Club  
Denarau is a marina, full of residential houses with canals for their boats. However, you cannot swim as there is a lot of gas oil from the boats, and there are no corals like to snorkel.
The Denarau Golf and Racquet Club is a must stop within the island of Denarau. If you have bought your Bula Bus pass you can go to it directly as it is one of the bus stops. Although not playing golf the restaurant is very well priced and the setting is most peaceful.
Mini Islands – Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon    
The blue lagoon beach resort is one of the best places in the world. I had a unique experience with its people, the beaches, the food and natural attractions. The people working at the resort are super attentive and speak several languages.
It is located on a beautiful island where you can take the free kayak or do a snorkeling, diving or excursion to underground caves! The rooms facing the sea are perfect to feel the sea coming through the room!
Coral Coast
Coral Coast Fiji Islands   
If you explore the main island, Viti Levu, do not forget the Coral Coast, in the southwest of the island. You can do various water sports or visit the markets, villages and nearby jungle.
Viti Levu, Suva
Viti Levu Fiji Islands   
Its lush rain forests, majestic peaks and incredible natural diversity and beauty are hard to ignore.  You can do a wide variety of activities. From discovering the mountains of Namosi, rafting down the Navua River, visiting the village of Navala, going to a night party, or discovering the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, whose collection of orchids will leave you totally drunk.
Intercontinental Hotel Fiji
  Intercontinental Hotel Fiji Islands  
Located on the Natadola Beach, Intercontinental Hotel Fiji is one of the most impressive spots of the island of Viti Levu. The room was very spacious, as was the bathroom and terrace. Unfortunately, the pods were not covered during our stay, but I managed to have a couple of coffees. I really enjoyed the stay and did not want to leave!
Fiji Museum
Fiji Museum    
This is a rather small local museum accessed through Thurston Botanical Gardens. Entry fee of $5 per person is good value for money and most have information about Fiji's first settlers and their handicrafts. I enjoyed this visit and so will you if you keep in mind that you are in a developing country!
Relax on Beaches
As was inevitable, I had to get to this point. The beaches of Fiji Islands are the main tourist attraction, and it is not for less. The soft white sand slides between your fingers like the finest cotton, it's waters of a thousand shades of emerald and turquoise have an ideal temperature, 30 degrees rows of coconut trees, hammocks everywhere, and a varied fauna that comes to say hello to the shore ... If you need to disconnect, I am totally sure that here you will get it.
Beaches in Fiji Islands   
And if you want to take the best of memories, wait for the sunset, when the sky is tinged with a palette of roses, lilac, and purple that you will undoubtedly want to immortalize with a photo.
Fun Activities
Snorkeling is mandatory in Fiji! You can bring your own glasses or rent them at all resorts. Moreover, you have the option of diving, as there are very good prices for the basic course. You can also take trips on some of the larger islands, rent kayaks, or surf in certain areas.
   Fiji Islands
Do you want to see everything from a different point of view, much higher than usual? I suggest you admire the stunning topographic beauty of Fiji by taking a helicopter tour of the Mamanuca Islands.
The Fiji Islands are what you expect from them, tropical beaches with clean, transparent waters, fish of all colors swimming around the coral, white sands shaded by palm trees full of coconuts ... yes, this is Fiji.

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