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How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time

Men's ties come in every imaginable colour, design, fabric and cut. Even those who have worn ties for many years often find it difficult to make a decision when choosing a great tie. There are different kinds of ties that are not suited to everyone's style. Hence, it is necessary to choose the right tie which will complement your entire outfit and your personal style.
How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time 
Note that each person has their own morphology and tie width should be chosen with respect to this. This rule is very easy to understand - if you are slimmer, your tie will also be slimmer. On the other hand, broader men will opt for wider ties instead.
How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time    
Here are some tips that will certainly be useful when you choose the right tie.
How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time  
The first, and perhaps most important thing to consider when choosing a tie is the proportion. That is, the length and width of the tie should be considered and how it relates to the overall look. As a general rule, the right tie is one that is perfectly proportional to the size of the individual wearing it. Men who fall into the "big and strong" category, for example, require a tie that is a bit longer. For this reason, many retailers offer quite long neckties.  
  How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time  
The ideal length is the one that allows you to tie your tie with its end that will reach your belt. The rationale behind this is related to its purely decorative function - the tie must hide all the buttons of the shirt.
Colour and Pattern
How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time   
If the shirt has a large pattern, choose a tie with a small pattern. If the shirt has a small pattern, it's okay to go ahead and choose a tie with a larger design. Whichever design you choose, make sure that the dominant colour in the shirt is the dominant colour in the tie. The easiest way to match the patterns of shirts is to choose a solid coloured tie that matches the shirt's dominant colour.
The choice of the colour of the tie depends on the occasion. A blue, black or dark-grey suit is a must for many professional encounters. Wear white shirts with any coloured tie to complement your suit. Now, it's just a matter of thinking about how you're going to combine casual and classic styling for other events. Even for New Year's Eve, a tie can be an accessory to consider without looking too classic.
   How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time 
The style of the knot depends on the occasion and which style you are going for. Here, the size of the knot is key. The most recommended knot is the “American Knot”. It's both natural and elegant and complements all different types of shirt collars. It's possible that you've spent a good part of your time choosing a suitable tie - the one that best matches your shirt and suit. Everything seems correct, however, something as basic as the knot is forgotten. A suitable knot to the neck of the shirt and an appropriate length of the tie can really complement the stature of the individual wearing the tie.
On occasions such as business meetings and job interviews, it is advisable to opt for a neutral tie. Your interviewer may take you more seriously and take an interest in you instead of the screaming Disney characters in your tie.
  How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time  
On festive occasions on the other hand, the tie can be chic and showy. A very good choice would be a silk tie. Such a tie has a luxurious appearance and beautifully reflects the light, whilst being soft to touch. You should reserve your black or white ties for the gala events and professional meetings. For a casual wedding, you have every opportunity to opt for a showy colour, such as pink or turquoise. For laid back office environments, you can also opt for a tie a little less discreet with a bit more character.
Bow Ties
 How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time  
Today, there are many designs, patterns and fabrics in bow ties. Silk, cotton, flannel, tweed and even denim - it's all a matter of knowing what you're going to combine to show off your style. The shiny, silk, black bow tie may not be the best option if you want to modernise your look, since that type of styling is for when you are going classic.
Ties and Your Face
In addition to choosing your tie according to your morphology, you can also take into account your complexion, your hair and even tie a knot according to the shape of your face. Wear colours that contrast your complexion, your hair or your eyes and see what works best for you.
 How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time  

When choosing a tie, you must pay attention to your morphology and the shape of your face. If you have a round face, try a wide tie. This technique is also effective for those with a relatively large neck. Conversely, if you have a rather thin or skinny neck, opt for a skinny tie. People with average morphologies can turn to a medium or slim tie.  

How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time    

Depending on the shape of your face, some necktie knots will be more suited to you. For round faces, I recommend a simple knot which is large and longer. For those with a rectangular, oval, or triangular-shaped face, it is best to use a wider knot. Finally, those who have a longer face can choose a thinner knot, such as as semi-Windsor. I also advise you to adapt tie width to the style of the shirt collar. For example, for a smaller collared-shirt, use a skinny tie.

 Windsor Tie Knot-OTAA  

How to Wear the Right Tie Every Time   
The tie is not just an ornament. It is the element that catches the attention for your entire outfit. It is important that you pay special attention to look like a gentleman too. You do not need to be a fashion expert to wear a tie and can use the information above as a guide for when you wear ties. From the material, width and the knot of the tie, there are several rules that you should know to be able to carry this accessory correctly.
Combining a tie well with the rest of the outfit is just one part of the style of an elegant person. Don't forget to show off your personal style whilst wearing appropriate accessories for interviews and other professional events.

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