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Are Ties in Fashion?

Ties have undoubtedly withstood the test of time and have enjoyed an everlasting celebration in the men's fashion landscape. The men's ties we know of today originated in the 1920's but their ancestry dates all the way back to the 17th century. There's no dispute men's ties have become an integral part of our everyday existence; we wear them to work, weddings, parties and when we're out and about running daily errands. However, do we wear them because ties are in fashion or simply because it's the social protocol?
Are Ties in Fashion?
It appears that men's ties have become one of those wardrobe staples that just never go out of fashion. Much like pants, shoes and t-shirts; they're an item we regard as an essential wardrobe cornerstone. When worn to job interviews, they instantly make us look sharper, neater and probably smarter than the guy next to us who forgot to wear one. This is why they're held sacred to the corporate world. 
Similarly, when it comes to getting out and about, wearing a tie with a pair of chinos and blazer can instantly deliver a quintessential "smart casual" look.  
Stylish Ties  Men's Ties in Style
Ties tend to be the item of clothing that transforms your outfits from casual to formal. A suit without a tie tends to look a bit more relaxed and doesn't hold ground in formal and professional settings.
In times when men are championing the sharp style of Leonardo di Caprio, Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig, it naturally follows that ties remain synonymous with power and prestige. In the modern imagination, we equate ties with the likes of Bond, Sinatra and virtually every other powerful figure whose been celebrated for his good taste. As Mr. Bond once put it, "I shall be needing a white jacket and a black tie". 
Bond Black Velvet Necktie Les Elysees Floral Necktie
However, when it comes to choosing the right tie, there are definitely variances in popularity depending on the occasion.
For Weddings
When it comes to standing at the end of the aisle on the most important day of your life, or watching your best mate get married; skinny ties have definitely taken centre stage in recent years. Skinny ties for weddings are a great choice because they shake off the corporate connotations that standard neckties tend to carry with them. Skinny ties also offer a more modern and youthful alternative to bow ties because of their looser, more free flowing appearance. Skinny ties are in fashion for grooms who like to stay on trend. 
For Work
If you're a corporate man who conforms to a tie policy at the office, standard neckties tend to be the more traditional and fashionable option. Standard neckties are in fashion for the office because they have a bolder, more confident perspective than their thin counterparts. Pick up a thick striped tie and you'll be at the height of Wall Street fashion when you walk through the door. 
Work Tie
For Casual Wear
If you're looking to smarten up your casual routine, skinny ties are fashionable to pair with chinos. If you want to smarten it up even more, you can top it off with a blazer. Skinny ties have a thinner appearance which makes them less overwhelming on the eye than standard neckties, this is why they're the preferred option for your casual wear.  
Floral Tie
If you want to give yourself an instantly inviting and vibrant appearance, there's an abundance of exotic ties that will elevate your wardrobe. Go for an eye catching floral or paisley tie if you're looking to bring a wealth of eccentricity to your tailoring. 
Monaco Floral Tie Etrangere Paradis Floral Necktie




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