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Are Tie Bars the Same Length?

Tie bars add a flourish of sophistication that other accessories sometimes fail provide. A tie bar can be that point of difference that will separate your ensemble from the others in the room and it’s that leap from being mediocre to excellent. However, not all tie bars are created equally. Some are created from more expensive materials than others and they all vary in size.


Tie Bar and a Suit

Tie Bar Length

When you’ve got an upcoming esteemed event you’re preparing for, it’s only natural to want to put your best assemblage on display. Wearing a tie bar will communicate to your peers that you’re well versed in formal etiquette. It’s that shimmer of sophistication that will draw people in to your character.

If your tie bar isn’t the correct length, it will negatively impact your style reputation. All tie bars come in different sizes and the size you choose will be integral to pulling off a knockout ensemble.

Different tie bars are created for skinny ties and standard neckties. Essentially, tie bars should cover ¾ the width of your tie. This means there will be shorter tie bars for skinny ties and longer tie bars for standard neckties.

Mini Tie Bar  Tie Bar

Skinny ties generally need a tie bar that’s between 2.5 cm and 4 cm long. In inches, that’s between 1 inch and 1.5 inches long.

Standard neckties are a little bit more precise. A tie bar that’s 5.5 cm long will be the most superb measurement. In inches that’s 2.1 inches long.

If you decide to wear a 5.5 cm tie bar on a skinny tie, your whole outfit will be thrown wildly out of proportion. A tie bar that covers the entire width of a tie presents itself as clunky and unsophisticated.


Anchor Tie Bar

At the end of the day, a tie bar is designed to enhance the sophistication of your tie, not strike it out. That’s why a tie bar that’s ¾ the width of your tie will be the ideal length.

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