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3 Ways to Dress Like James Bond

We run through the 3 steps to every gentleman's dream - to be James Bond. Well If we can't be James Bond, at the very least we can try and look like the man. To dress like James Bond is to dress with absolute timeless panache. From the Antony Sinclair (Ian Fleming's Savile Row tailor) days of Dr. No to Tom Ford's latest designs for Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace, 007's suits have always exuded understated cool. Even Roger Moore's suits by Mayfair legend Douglas Hayward were beautiful - it was the rest of his wardrobe that made him look so naff!
Mr.Connery having a laugh
The following is a list of guidelines for dressing like Bond without breaking the bank. Follow them to the letter and girls will be falling for your sartorial charms faster than you can say Pussy Galore. Stray too far and you could find your license to kill rapidly revoked.


1) Stick with the basic colours

Bond’s black tie(1962 -) No movie figure, other than Fred Astaire, is more synonymous with evening wear than Bond. It’s how we first meet Bond on screen, in Dr No, a shot of the silk, turned-back cuff leading along and up the slim arm of Connery’s Anthony Sinclair Conduit Cut dinner jacket with a satin shawl collar. His favoured shade is midnight blue, with a white pocket handkerchief square on occasion and a shirt.

2) Vintage colours are always in no matter what anyone says

There’s little doubt that Goldfinger has come to epitomize what a perfect James Bond adventure looks like, as the film boasts a whole host of iconic elements: memorable characters (Pussy Galore, Oddjob), quotable dialogue (“No, Mr. Bond; I expect you to die!”) and indelible instances of imagery. The suit and thin tie worn below is a classic example of how to keep things basic and stylistic all at once


3) To Be Bond, you need a Bow Tie.

Where the hell am I going to get a bow tie from?!

Oh right. 

Bow tie collection By OTAA



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