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What are Lapel Pins Used For?

Unlike cufflinks and tie bars, lapel pins are one of those accessories that don't serve a practical function. Lapel pins sit on the lapel of your suit jacket and they serve a purely aesthetic function. In other words: they're going to make you look super handsome. 


Lapel Pin with Suit


But the real question is: why do people choose to wear lapel pins? 
This question is synonymous with asking people why they bother to wear ties to work or why people bother to follow fashion generally. The truth is, lapel pins look good. They are intrinsically tied to the story of men's fashion and that's a pretty good reason to consider them. 
Lapel pins add a distinguishing feature of luxury to suits. If you want to separate your office suit from your formal wedding attire, a lapel pin adds just the perfect level of elegance. 


Flower Lapel Pin Metal Lapel Pin


Dress codes generally don't require you to wear a lapel pin. Ties are often a prerequisite for getting into exclusive bars and black tie events but lapel pins are never on the formal menu. That's why many men opt to wear them; they add that level of detail that many venues don't expect of you.    


Lapel Pin Styling


Weddings, polos and racing events are all superb places to wear a lapel pin. If you want to polish up your evening gear from good to excellent, the use of a lapel pin is the way to do it. 
Lapel pins sit on the left side of your jacket lapel and most jackets generally include a special buttonhole that's designed specifically for a pin. Whether you go for a metal or floral lapel pin will come down to the theme of your ensemble and the choices of your other accessories. 


Where to Wear Lapel Pins

Lapel pins, specifically flower lapels, are perfect to wear to weddings. However, the type of pin you wear depends on whether you're a guest or part of the bridal party. If you're the groom or groomsmen, it's common to wear a boutonniere, which is a living floral arrangement. These are mainly only seen at weddings because of their extravagance and they're only appropriate for members of the bridal party. 
If you're attending as a guest, you can definitely wear a flower lapel pin or metal lapel pin. These will give your suits an extra touch of formality without overdoing it; you don't want to take attention away from the groom!




Racing events are the perfect place to unleash your most flamboyant lapel pins. This will be the mark of extravagance that the races demands. This is your time to get creative with textures and patterns and wear the most eye-catching lapel pin in your repertoire. Flower lapel pins are a great option for the races because they come in an endless range of designs from elegant to statement pieces. 


Flower Lapel Pin



By nature, corporate settings are a bit more reserved in their dress code but still require a high level of professionalism. Whilst it isn't recommended to wear a floral lapel pin to the office, metal lapel pins are perfectly acceptable due to their smaller size. Metal pins are a great choice to reveal individual quirks about yourself, if you're a sports fan; wear a Tennis Racquet Lapel Pin or Golf Clubs Lapel Pin. If you love dogs; opt for an English Bull Dog Lapel Pin


Rabbit Lapel Pin with Suit


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