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Where Should a Lapel Pin be Worn?

Lapel pins are synonymous with class and formality. They have a reputation for possessing old world appeal but as vintage fashions routinely come back into the modern sphere, they are undergoing widespread revival. Today, lapel pins come in all sorts of artistic, elegant and modern styles, so if you want an accessory that will enhance your level of detail, a smart lapel pin is a superb way to go. The first thing you have to consider though, before you decide to march proudly out the door, is where your lapel pin should be worn. 


Lapel Pin and Pocket Square

As many men opt to wear lapel pins to add an extra formal punch to their ubiquitous suit arrangements, it's important to know the ins and outs of wearing lapel pins correctly. Where should lapel pins be worn? 


If you've ever bought a suit before, you'll notice they come with a buttonhole on the left lapel. This buttonhole is where you place your lapel pin. Simply glide the stick pin through the slit and leave the flower or emblem sitting at the top. Once the pin has been guided through the buttonhole, simple secure it in place by putting on the metal cap at the bottom of the pin. Easy, right?


Flower Lapel Pin Feather Lapel Pin


If for whatever reason you don't have a buttonhole to guide you, the best way to remember the correct side of your chest is to simply follow your heart, in the most literal sense possible. Your lapel pin should sit on the left side of your chest where your heart is. 


Types of Lapel Pins

Now let's have a look at the types of lapel pins there are. Choosing the correct type of lapel pin for your suit will be integral to ensuring you do the most justice to your style. Some lapel pins are more formal than others so it's important to know what styles of lapel pins suit certain occasions. 



A genuinely elegant style of lapel pin, boutonnieres are living flowers that are perfectly suited to weddings. You'll commonly spot the groom and/or his groomsmen wearing boutonnieres at a wedding to signify romantic elegance. This type of lapel pin is suited for the bridal party but not weddings guests as it encapsulates a sense of extravagance. 




Flower Lapel

Flower lapels are the most common pins you'll spot at social engagements. They are unique and flamboyant and diverse enough to tailor to your personal tastes. These fabric flowers commonly come in cotton, satin, silk, velvet and linen materials. Satin or silk lapel flowers are a sumptuous choice for formal events such as weddings and balls, whereas cottons are a great option if you're heading to the races or want to spruce up your evening rotation. 


Lapel Pin Style 

Metal Lapel Pin

Metal lapel pins are exactly as described. They entail emblems made out of metal materials that are attached to long stick pins. These lapel pins are ideal for making subtly elegant statements because they're not as large as their floral counterparts. For this reason, they're superb for wearing to casual outings as well as esteemed engagements. Because of their unique emblem range, metal lapel pins are ideal for bringing out your inner quirkiness. They come in animal, sports and travel themed motifs which will definitely appeal to your charismatics tastes. 


Rabbit Lapel Pin


 Button Pin

Button pins, or badges, are a more subtle variety of the metal lapel pin. Instead of being attached to a long stick pin, they involve a small pin that protrudes from the back of the emblem. They're quirky, small and compact. 


 Button PinButton Pin Back


How to Put on a Lapel Pin

Putting on a lapel pin should be a fairly straight forward endeavour. Lapel pins are most commonly attached to a stick pin that slides through the buttonhole of your lapel. Simply remove the cap at the bottom of the stick pin, then gently slide the bottom of the pin through the buttonhole. Leave the flower or emblem sitting at the top of the buttonhole where it will be visible. Once the lapel pin is in place, simply return the cap to the bottom of the lapel pin so it sits securely. 


It is your choice as to whether you would like your stick pin to be visible or invisible. 

How to Wear a Lapel Pin

More traditional tastes would steer you towards keeping the pin invisible at the back of the lapel. However, if you want to make an edgier, more youthful statement, it's perfectly acceptable to secure your stick pin at the front of your lapel. There are no distinct rules about wearing your lapel pin, so it really comes down to personal preference. Are you a traditionalist or a rebel?  


With this knowledge under belt, you'll be in good stead to wear your lapel pins with pride. If you're a new-comer to wearing lapel pins, you'll be able to wear your first one with a bit of confidence. Now you know where a lapel pin should be worn. 


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