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How to Wear Lapel Flowers

    The lapel of a blazer, jacket or coat is accessorised with lapel pins and flowers to add a touch of style to any outfit. The touch of colour and texture takes the overall outfit to different level of style and captures the right amount of attention if worn properly. Trust in the lapel pin or flower to add your own style and find out the best way to wear them with pride.

How to Wear Lapel Flowers      


The most elegant lapel flowers you can find are made of silk or satin and the most popular colours are black, white or red. Trust in your instinct and wear a lapel flower instead of a regular lapel pin for a formal event to stand out from the crowd. Imagine that you are a secret agent and nothing can defeat you – don’t let anyone tell you that the lapel flower is too feminine, because it is really the maximum touch of sartorial elegance.


 You can also achieve a formal, stylish look for the office by combining a silk scarf with a tie and a handkerchief in the same material, offset with a silk lapel flower. This combination will look extremely classy and professional for the office and exude elegance and confidence.

How to Wear Lapel Flowers    

For outdoor events that require a much more casual look, you will find small lapel pins or flowers are ideal. Its nature is more relaxed, so you can combine them with denim shirts and cotton handkerchiefs instead of the plain, white shirt and silk pocket square. Choose a tie with an original pattern, such as floral or paisley to make your lapel flower stand to complement the entire casual look. Take advantage of these events to play with your accessories and show off a unique flair – definitely don’t take it too seriously.

How to Wear Lapel Flowers    

If you are not a fan of wearing ties or bow ties, you should opt for a fun lapel pin or flower to add attention to your outfit for work and formal events. We recommend combining the colour of your handkerchief with your lapel pin or flower, whilst contrasting it with the colour of your shirt or sweater. This will make your outfit have pops of colour and look very stylish at the same time. Another suggestion is to add a textured pocket square, such as a cotton or linen one to create more depth and a slightly more casual look, if you prefer.

 Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad  

The game of wearing prints has a lot to do with not repeating the same patterns too much in your outfit, but finding a combination of accessories with prints and no prints that complement each other. You may feel like achieving it is so difficult, but you don’t know until you try it for yourself. It’s like a true art – but once you’ve achieved it, you can replicate it for all other occasions. If you do not have a personal stylist, take advantage of your blazer lapel and choose a lapel pin or flower in simple tones that do not add difficulty to the game, such as the metal lapel pin that appears in the image. Grey is always safe bet for a lapel flower when you’re wearing lots of patterned accessories, such as ties and pocket squares.  

What Lapel Flowers Should You Choose?
Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad   

Our lapel flower is generally worn on the left lapel of the jacket. There are different types of closures, but most of the time the closure is a thumbtack in the shape of a mini stick that is always hidden behind the lapel of the blazer or jacket, when worn correctly. However, we see more and more lapel flowers showing the bar of the pin on the front of the lapel too sometimes, which also makes the lapel of the jacket the eye-catching detail of your outfit. See which way you prefer.

How to Wear the Lapel Pin
How to Wear Lapel Flowers    

For hand-made lapel flowers, which have the advantage of never fading if made with a good quality material, there are two ways to wear them. You can either choose to show the end of the stem or not show it at all. This choice is entirely yours, but don’t forget to consider the style of your jacket. Regarding the choice of the size of your lapel pin or flower, everything is a matter of your personal taste. If you have doubts or questions, aim to use smaller lapel pins and flowers that will add a discreet touch of detail to your jacket or blazer, without taking precedence over the rest of your outfit.

When Can You Wear the Lapel Pin?

Lapel pins and flowers are long reserved for great occasions and work. Wearing accessories in the buttonhole of a blazer or suit jacket comes from a long tradition that served to show a social rank or a sign of wealth. Gentlemen who want to bring a subtle addition to their outfit now wear lapel flowers to show off their personal taste. If you're hesitating to wear a lapel flower, book this accessory for a date or an event that is not too formal. You will see that it can easily be worn on a daily basis and you will slowly feel more comfortable wearing it for other events, such as weddings and work.

The Groom's Lapel
 How to Wear Lapel Flowers  

The lapel flower of the groom must match the bouquet of the bride. It takes the main colours or flowers of the bride’s bouquet, in a smaller size and is attached to the buttonhole of the jacket of the groom. These two elements must, of course, be matched to the theme and colours of the wedding. The colours of the lapel flower of the groom must also go well with his entire outfit, in particular his shirt and tie. 

What Types of Lapel Flowers Are There?
How to Wear Lapel Flowers     

There are lapel flowers with a simple flower such as a big rosebud, for example. Others come in an assortment of several patterns, usually associated with leaves or other plants that are green to complement the flower on display. The lapel accessory may also include other elements other than flowers, such as feathers, beads and patterned fabrics.

Which Colour to Choose
How to Wear Lapel Flowers    

The lapel flower and pin is a small accessory that can bring a touch of colour to a toned down outfit. The bright lapel flower is a main trend of the winter season, in particular, due to the weather being a bit damp and gentlemen wanting to add a touch of colour to their day. If you wear a dark suit, be it navy blue, black or anthracite, any coloured lapel flower will be suitable. If your outfit has more colours in the tie or the shirt, the rule is that there is a reminder of the predominant colour in the lapel flower or pin, to complement the entire outfit without taking away from the main accessories. When in doubt, opt for sober colours such as beige or navy blue.

 How to Wear Lapel Flowers     

The buttonhole or lapel flower, which has long been reserved for great occasions such as weddings and baptisms, flourishes today on the jackets of many gentlemen as a stylish statement. As a discreet reminder of elegance, the lapel pin flower shows that you show a certain attention to detail when you dress for occasions and work, without overstating the outfit’s presence.


Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad      

There is no excuse to have your lapel abandoned on formal events. If you do not find any of your favourite fabrics, do not worry - the very popular two-toned silk cufflinks that usually have the shape of small knots also fulfil the function of adding a subtle accessory to your outfit – but that’s for another post.

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