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When to Wear Cufflinks

Wearing cufflinks has seeped out of formal dress codes and has effortlessly and most elegantly made its way into corporate attire. Cufflinks make a significant statement of sophistication because they're a small accessory that not many men have the time or attention to detail to think about. Knowing when to wear cufflinks, and the best places to wear cufflinks, will be vital to pulling them off properly. 


Cufflinks and shirt 

If you're spotted wearing cufflinks in a corporate setting, you will instantly be recognised as taking your job seriously and they will significantly add to your level of professionalism. This will give a stamp of confidence to all the work you do and will help you look the part of a white collar elite. 


Formal attire is a no brainer for wearing cufflinks. In fact, they're a must if you want to live up to true formal expectations. Even if your suit is adorned with an abundance of other accessories, such as a lapel pin and pocket square, cufflinks are still a must because they're the only decorative item to adorn the sleeves of your suit.  

Floral skinny tie Bullet back cufflinks


If you're wearing a suit jacket, your cufflinks for the most part will be covered. This doesn't make wearing them redundant though. They will peep through at various stages, particularly when you raise or extend your arms. These are the moments that will really pay testament to your attention to detail. If you're sitting in a work meeting and you happen to rest your elbow on the table, your cufflinks will immediately clue your colleagues in to how sophisticated your sense of taste really is.


Bullet back cufflinks Bullet back cufflinks copy


If you're not wearing a suit jacket, a pair of cufflinks will become even more imperative and appreciated. Without a suit jacket, you will be relying on your small accessories to give you that hint of finesse, otherwise, your outfit will look unfinished and altogether. It doesn't matter whether you're at a bar with friends or you're taking your jacket off for a breather at formal events, you'll need your pair of cufflinks to pick up the slack in the absence of a jacket. 


Cufflinks with suit


Essentially, if you're working a professional career or you're trying to spruce up your evening assemblage, a pair of cufflinks are probably the best way to get you over the line in terms of sophistication. The rules of wearing cufflinks these days aren't so rigid, so they will basically fly in any situation you see fit.


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