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Can you wear cufflinks with a suit?

If there's one thing we know for sure about cufflinks, it's they have the power to transform your suit from passable to perfect. Many gentlemen have taken to wearing cufflinks as a way of demonstrating their sophistication and adding a sense of finality to their suit. Without a pair of cufflinks, the sleeves of your shirt can look incredibly bare, even if those sleeves are being covered by a suit jacket. 




Many gentlemen fail to invest in buying cufflinks when they know they're going to be wearing a suit. They fear their cufflinks will get covered by their jacket. The reality of the matter is: a well tailored suit should never prohibit the visibility of cufflinks. When you are walking, sitting or dancing at a wedding, a well-fitted suit should always leave space for the cuff of your shirt to appear, even if ever so slightly. It's a way of providing a frame for your suit. 


If you stand up straight and find that the sleeves of your suit jacket cover your wrists, you may consider getting them taken up slightly. Your cuffs deserve to make a subtle appearance when you're wearing a suit jacket as they will work to add a sense of luxury to the overall appearance of your suit. Trust us, it's worth it. 






You'll find that when you sit down or you extend your arms in any direction, your suit jacket will retract even more. These are the moments when your cufflinks will really make their presence known. Just think about those times in boardroom meetings when you decide to extend your elbows upon the desk; or when you have to make a toast at a black tie event, these are the pivotal moments where your peers will be given the opportunity to truly observe your attention to detail. You want to make the most of it.


Cufflinks with suit



So whilst it's not compulsory to wear cufflinks with a suit, the amount of impact they will make will be incredibly worth it. They provide insight into your level of taste and the amount of care you take in grooming yourself, this is something you want people to take notice of. It's small details that amount to making the bigger picture look better- much better! 


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