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What to Wear for a Black Tie Event

Although most of the time common sense does the trick, finding the right accessories for a black tie event can be tough. It's definitely easy to underestimate the event or be unfamiliar with the code of dressing immaculately for an event of this nature.
What to Wear for a Black Tie Event     
When going to a black tie event, always choose a black or dark navy suit. It is classic, versatile and the best colour to wear for these events. Moreover, this suit can be used all year round and combined with almost anything, with the exception of perhaps wearing a matching navy blue tie with a navy blue suit. In terms of choosing the right coloured shirt, always wear a crisp, white shirt with no coloured patterns or details either, as a black tie event is simple, elegant and contains an abundance of the classic simple colours of black, navy and white.
    What to Wear for a Black Tie Event
The suit should be sober and simple too. As for the fabric, if possible always choose a wool-based suit or even a wool blend because it is comfortable, does not wrinkle and recovers its appearance fairly easily without the need to press it often. Wool is one of the most hygienic and breathable fabrics too. The best way to style a black or navy suit with accessories is to follow one rule for a black tie event - keep it simple; a white shirt and black shoes, for example. You can also add a handkerchief in the outer pocket of the jacket.
The Suit Jacket
   What to Wear for a Black Tie Event   
To attend a black tie event a jacket or blazer is essential. Should there be a black tie event held during the day (this is rare, but it can still happen), black or navy suits are still appropriate given the formal nature of the event, but you could inject an element of lightness somewhere in the outfit, such as with a white bow tie in stead of black. If the event is in the evening, which is the most common time for a black tie event, always opt for dark colours such as black, navy and dark burgundy.
The nature of any event changes when it is in the evening. In this case, always keep it formal with dark colours to exude elegance.
The Shirt 
 What to Wear for Black Tie Event   
The classic, crisp white shirt is always the best bet for any black tie event. Given the simple elegance of these kinds of events, you would be best to avoid coloured shirts or shirts with patterns. If you really want to be unconventional and infuse some pattern, only opt for very subtle prints or fine stripes within absolute discretion. The same applies to the size of the collar of the shirt: if it protrudes above the jacket, opt for something that sits well under a suit jacket and doesn't draw too much attention. Simple is always better.
Choose a shirt in a solid colour to maintain the formality and avoid the work or executive look. Of course, if you are an expert you could definitely play with subtle and non-traditional shirts, as long as they're very subtle and you avoid wearing them with a printed blazer.
Tie or Bow Tie
What to Wear for a Black Tie Event    
This requires a bit of time and experimenting with what you prefer, as this accessory is usually the focus of the outfit at a black tie event. The velvet bow tie has burst into the scene with full force and there is a wide variety of rich colours and designs. However, the important thing to ask is does it complement your suit jacket? Are you comfortable wearing a velvet bow tie? In men with longer necks, the velvet bow tie can be quite flattering given the plush, rich nature of the material which balances out the look. A black velvet bow tie is always a safe bet if you're experimenting with velvet styles for the first time. Especially for a black tie event that usually demands the classic black bow tie, the black velvet bow tie would do the trick.
What to Wear for a Black Tie Event      
The classic black tie is the most traditional accessory to wear, especially in black. You can always choose subtle prints too as long as the suit jacket and the shirt do not have any patterns. Moreover, you can go for classic tie fabrics and trial different widths that suit your body style and suit.
The Shoes
 What to Wear for a Black Tie Event  
You have to spend some time selecting an appropriate shoe for a black tie event. In addition to being comfortable, the shoes at night must be a dark shade of black or very dark brown shoes. With or without laces does not matter too much, as it is a detail that doesn't have too much of an impact on the overall look. It's normally a lot easier to choose the right shoes after you've decided on the shirt, suit, tie or bow tie and any cufflinks or pocket squares.
Other Accessories
What to Wear for a Black Tie Event   
Finally, have fun with the accessories. You don't always have to wear a lapel pin and a handkerchief in your pocket, but if you want to add subtle elements to your outfit at the black tie event, this is definitely the way to go. A well-dressed man should know how to use quality accessories too. Therefore, it is essential that you consider the type of accessory to wear that won't distract away from the key elements of the look but add a touch of style.
What to Wear for a Black Tie Event     
Find a distinguished pair of cufflinks (twins) to finish off the entire ensemble. The cufflinks create style and add a touch of elegance to your attire. Cufflinks are accessories that every man should wear in events where formal clothes are required and these are responsible for expressing grace without having to look too out there or distracting.
How to Look Elegant for a Black Tie Event    
A pocket square in the upper pocket of the jacket distinguishes the gentleman from the crowd. It may be the same tones as the tie at a black tie event or something that complements it. Be careful when folding it and choose the right fold that's simple and elegant and unless required by a lady, never use it.  
 What to Wear for a Black Tie Event  
Other Tips
It is great to give a touch of originality at any black tie event without being strident. That detail will be where you intend to focus the attention of others.
If you are accompanied, try to complement your look with your partner's outfit. It may be just the colour of the tie or the handkerchief, but it is nice a detail that usually draws attention.  
   What to Wear for a Black Tie Event
Follow these tips if you want to know how a man should dress to go to a black tie event.
To be sure of what type of ensemble you should wear to the black tie event, it is imperative to know what kind of celebration will occur. The essential items for a black tie event are a dark suit, a shirt with cufflinks, a thin belt, dark shoes and the most important accessory, the dark bow tie or tie.
How to Dress for a Black Tie Event     
Nowadays, there may be few invitations in which the dress code has been specified to attend an event. However, it is important to be able to be yourself and enjoy the event, feeling properly dressed for the occasion.


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