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Where do tie bars go?

“Where does a tie bar go?” is a decades-old dilemma that many men have tried to answer. Obviously it goes on your tie, but beyond that, knowing where to place it takes a bit of wisdom and introspect.

The general consensus amongst today’s fashion elite is that your tie bar should be positioned roughly between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. Yes, it's absurdly precise but it's fool proof in maximising your sophistication. 


Tie Bar Positioning

Positioning your tie bar between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt will ensure it stays visible without looking claustrophobic. If positioned any higher, your tie bar will overcrowd the features your knot and collar, which should be respected in their own right. Placed any lower, and your tie bar will decrease its visibility and risk getting covered by your suit jacket.

Now make sure that when you fasten your tie bar in place, you fasten it to the front and back lengths of your tie as well as your shirt seam. This will ensure that your tie doesn’t separate from your shirt when you’re out and about looking like a man of true sophistication. We know that you're probably wearing your tie bar to simply make a fashion statement, but if you're going to go to the effort of wearing one, you may as well make sure it serves a function as well. 



Tie Bar with Suit 


If you happen to find yourself in a particular rush in the morning and you don't have time to count the buttons of your shirt, just place your tie bar roughly 1/4 of the way down your tie once it's been tied up and you'll find that it's pretty accurate in terms of positioning. Now you can whip on your suit jacket and walk around town knowing that all the glances you get will come from envy, not judgement. You'll now be in an ideal position to dominate any boardroom meeting and then go to dinner afterwards with the most elegant transition. 

Brushed Gun Tie Bar   Brushed Rose Gold Tie Bar


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