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Are Bow Ties in Style in 2023?


In the fluctuating world of men's fashion, one might wonder, "Are bow ties in style in 2023?" The short answer is a resounding 'yes'. Despite the continuous ebb and flow of trends, bow ties maintain their status as an evergreen accessory, lending both whimsy and sophistication to any outfit.

The Modern Twist to Bow Ties

As the fashion industry progresses, so too does the styles and forms of the classic bow tie. In 2023, we see a modern twist to this accessory as designers worldwide experiment with materials, patterns, and designs, creating innovative and trendy looks. From floral prints to geometric designs, and from bold, eye-catching colors to subtle pastels, bow ties today are a far cry from their traditional black and white versions.

Materials also play a huge part in the modernization of bow ties. Nowadays, you can find bow ties made from a variety of materials like velvet, satin, and even leather, each providing a unique texture and aesthetic. This diversification allows individuals to select the perfect bow tie to match their personal style and the occasion.

Why Are Bow Ties in Style in 2023?

As 2023 rolls in, the bow tie continues to be a powerful style statement for several reasons:


From casual get-togethers to black-tie events, bow ties can adapt to a myriad of occasions. Available in a multitude of patterns, colors, and materials, they offer endless ways to express personal style. For a sharper, more refined look, consider our pre-tied bowties. And, for those with a more adventurous sartorial spirit, a self-tie bow tie offers a dash of authenticity and mastery.


Wearing a bow tie is an instant way to stand out from the crowd. In a sea of traditional neckties, a bow tie can be a beacon of individuality and confidence. It suggests that the wearer is not afraid to stray from the norm and carve out their unique style narrative. Explore our bow tie collection to find a piece that speaks to your fashion sense and personality.

Classic Appeal

Embodying timeless elegance, bow ties are a nod to a bygone era of refined style and decorum. Their enduring charm continues to captivate style enthusiasts in 2023, making them an essential component of any well-curated wardrobe. Whether paired with a classic tuxedo or a stylishly casual blazer, bow ties lend a distinctive touch to any ensemble.

The Rise of Bow Ties in Pop Culture

Over the years, bow ties have gained significant visibility in pop culture, contributing to their continued popularity in 2023. Movie stars, musicians, and athletes frequently sport bow ties at red carpet events and public appearances, offering fans a fresh take on this classic accessory. The influence of pop culture has undoubtedly played a role in establishing the bow tie as a stylish and contemporary option for men's formalwear.

Styling Bow Ties in 2023

The key to wearing a bow tie lies in the balance. Pair it with sleek, well-tailored pieces for a sophisticated ensemble or incorporate it into a casual look for a touch of unexpected flair. Remember, the goal is to add character to your outfit without overwhelming it.

With over 9000 designs, our bow tie collection at OTAA offers a wide array of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a classic black satin bow tie for a formal event or a vibrant patterned piece for a summertime soirée, you'll find the perfect match in our handcrafted collection. Experiment with different shapes and sizes until you find what suits you best.

Bow Ties Beyond the Neck

Bow ties in 2023 are not confined to the neck. They are appearing in unexpected places like lapel pins, wristbands, and even as stylish embellishments on hats and bags. These innovative uses reflect the growing popularity of this versatile accessory and its ability to transform and uplift any outfit.

Choosing Your Bow Tie

With an array of designs, colors, and materials available, selecting the perfect bow tie can be quite a task. Consider the occasion and the rest of your outfit when making your choice. For formal events, opt for traditional colors like black or dark blue. For casual or creative events, feel free to experiment with bolder patterns and colors.

Moreover, the material of your bow tie can add another layer of sophistication to your look. Satin, wool, and cotton are popular choices, each adding a unique texture and appeal to the bow tie. Our handcrafted bow ties are designed in Melbourne, Australia, ensuring you receive a product of the highest quality.

The Bow Tie in 2023 and Beyond

As we look towards the future of men's fashion, it's clear that the bow tie is here to stay. Its ability to adapt and evolve with changing trends and personal styles has solidified its place in the annals of fashion history. In 2023 and beyond, we can expect to see more innovative and creative uses for the bow tie, expanding its appeal to an even broader audience.

In Conclusion

So, are bow ties in style in 2023? Absolutely. These versatile accessories are not just a fleeting trend, but a timeless piece that exudes class and personality. No matter the year, occasion, or outfit, a bow tie is a stylish choice that guarantees a standout look.

Embrace the bow tie trend of 2023 and explore our stunning range of bow ties. Pair them with our equally stylish cufflinks and tie bars to complete your look. With OTAA, you'll always stay ahead of the fashion curve.




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