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How to Wear Suits like Robert Downey Junior

If you want to dress like the most famous comic hero on the big screen, here you have the definitive guide to do it, or at least, to dream about it. We explain what you need to pick to look like Iron Man. We continue to recommend style icons and it is inevitable to think about Robert Downey Jr. 
      Robert Downey           
With a superhero costume in Iron Man or without him, the sophistication that comes out from Robert Downey is undeniable. Take as an example the film The Judge. His incarnation of lawyer Hank Palmer, a successful man with character, style, and security that melts any woman is highly imitable. If you want to have his look or want to wear a suit like him, you better have these key pieces in your closet.
Classic Suit
    Robert Downey Jr.
Downey is the typical hero who looks impeccable from head to toe. He has an elegant and formal style. For him, money is no problem, as he is accustomed to getting what he wants and likes to wear the best suits. Every man looks good in a suit, so don't deceive yourself but never forget to wear a matching tie like his. We recommend a Givenchy two-piece solid suit by Dolce & Gabbana or a classic suit by Giorgio Armani.

The Check Suit
Robert Downey in Check Suit    
It is impossible not to notice Downey Jr.'s check suit, which completes the look with sneakers, bow tie, and the unfailing round glasses. The actor is highly praised and always pampered by fans and fashionistas on duty. If you want to imitate him, you have it easy.
Supreme Elegance: the tuxedo
   Robert Downey Jr. in Tuxedo 
We have seen him wearing the classic black tuxedo with a white shirt and bow tie ... Although he also dares to carry sporty shoes with a tuxedo and, surprisingly, Mr. Downey does not look like a luxury hotel waiter! Let's be realistic and opt for the most classic of his styles. For a special occasion, the black tux will suit you.

Three Piece Suit 
Robert Downey Jr.     
The three-piece suit is the definition of elegance par excellence. What defines Robert Downey's style is that he knows how to combine colors. The idea is that the jacket and pants are the same color, but the tie is of another tone. Although he is very cheeky and also likes pastel colors, you will not have to come up with that to become a man with style.
Formal Elegance
    Robert Downey Jr. in Formal Suit     
If you have to attend a formal event that requires a suit, follow the unique style of Robert Downey Jr. The actor mostly resorts to black suits on various red carpets. Depending on the occasion and to give the final touch, you can combine it with a bow instead of a tie, or directly with a pearl gray shirt. Giorgio Armani is your favorite brand when it comes to choosing your etiquette outfits.
Plain Shirt
Robert Downey Jr.     
Black, white or casual, a shirt will always give you a more sophisticated touch. It is perfect for looking formal and well-dressed on any occasion. Choose between some basic colors like black and white. A dress pant is perfect for a more casual style.
We recommend a stretch poplin military shirt by Ralph Lauren with a blue tie, a modern-fit stretch poplin dress shirt by Saks Fifth Avenue Collection or jacquard dress shirt by Versace Collection.
 Robert Downey Jr.   
Do not forget that accessories never goes unnoticed and adds elegance to your style. This is a very basic key accessory. With a suit and slippers, this is one of Robert's distinctive trademarks he does not hesitate to attend presentations and other very elegant red carpets on the top and much sportier below. A complicated binomial that you have to know how to give a lot of work so that you do not fall into the "I want and I cannot" but it is not as complicated as it seems.
You can choose neutral colors for clothing because we haven’t Robert Downey wearing bright, bold colors on his clothes. Stick with the basics: black, white, beige, khaki, navy blue, gray, and the like. These colors are elegant and sophisticated.
Robert Downey Jr.
With a style that we can call modern and bold, Downey Jr. is not afraid to dress the way that suits him and combines classic elements with a dosage of striped style. Mirrored sunglasses, tailored suit, a planned color palette and always stylized hair are the trademark of the actor.
Want to be inspired? Invest in jeans, color combinations and unexpected patterns, take the time to change your old blazer and slap the look in your favorite barbershop and don’t forget to infuse sporty shoes with a formal suit. Be the superhero of your style!

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