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Dress like Humphrey Bogart

humphrey bogart style
Readers of OTAA, I give you the one and only Humphrey Bogart, the quintessential cool guy during the 30s to 50s who we know as Roy Earle from High Sierra, Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon, Rick Blaine from Casablanca, Harry Morgan from To Have and Have Not, Fred C. Dobbs from the The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Linus Larrabee from Sabrina, Phillipe Marlowe from The Big Sleep, Dixon Steele from In a Lonely Place, and Harry Dawes from The Barefoot Contessa among others. Humphrey Bogart is also known as the original leader of the infamous Rat Pack of Las Vegas lore, and Frank Sinatra had much to thank him for leading the pack after Bogart's passing in 1957. Here we see old Boogie at his best dressed showing how it's done back in the day

humphrey bogart style - 2
Bogart in the 30s just when he was starting out. He already had his characteristic bloodhound good looks nailed and is complimented by a 20s style suit - a flannel grey number with a notch lapeled suit jacket with matching high button waist coat in style then. He wears a spear point collared white dress shirt with matching white pocket square. He also wears a black white polka dot patterned tie and a white felt trilby to top things off
humphrey bogart style - 3
No matter his alignment with either law breaker or the boys in blue, Bogart shines in either role. Here he plays the anti-hero outlaw Roy Earle in the 1941 crime film High Sierra. He wears a black suit with wide notch lapeled suit jacket, a pair of high waisted trousers with a thin brown belt and automatic .30 pistol tucked underneath. He wears a beige spread collared dress shirt with a black neck tie and matching fedora
humphrey bogart suits
Bogart in a promotional still for High Sierra with Ida Lupino. This time wearing a grey worsted suit in a similar style as his black one but with patch pockets. Underneath he wears a club collared white dress shirt along with matching white pocket square and a yellow tie with black circle patterns
humphrey bogart costume
Bogart as Sam Spade in the 1941 film The Maltese Falcon holding the titular sculpture in his hands. He wears a pinstriped charcoal grey suit with peak lapeled double breasted suit jacket, a spread collared dress shirt and a burgundy cotton tie with a diamond pattern on it.  
humphrey bogart fashion
Another promotional still for The Maltese Falcon, Bogart is here wearing a worsted glencheckered grey suit with a double breasted peak lapeled suit with welted breast pocket. Underneath he wears a checker patterned cotton tie and a long point collared white dress shirt with button cuffs with matching pocket square. On his lapel is possibly a yellow lapel flower
humphrey bogart suit
In a still from the Maltese Falcon, Bogart is wearing a solid navy blue wool suit with a double breasted peak lapeled suit jacket, a matching high button waist coat, and a spread collared dress shirt with a red linen tie
humphrey bogart tuxedo
Bogart in a movie still from his 1942 still Casablanca playing the role of Rick Blaine with Victor Laszlo as Paul Henreid beside him  Bogart wears a dressed down, summer weight tuxedo as is wont of a club owner in the sweltering nights of Morocco. The tuxedo consists of a worsted ivory coloured double breasted tux jacket with a shawl collar, a white long-pointed turndown collared french cuffed dress shirt and matching silk pocket square tucked in the jacket's welted left breast pocket. Underneath he wears no cummerbund, but wears a black wool tuxedo trousers with black satin side stripes running down the sides. A hand tied black silk thistle-shaped bow tie completes the look
bogart suits
Bogart in another scene in Casablanca as Rick Blaines outside in daylight with Ilsa Lund played by Ingrid Bergman. Bogart's tan lightweight worsted suit is made of a wide notch lapeled ventless suit jacket with patch pockets worn with a diagonally stripped black and red cotton necktie worn over a white long point collared  french-cuffed dress shirt with matching cotton white pocket square. He also wears a single pleated high waisted trousers worn with a thin tan leather belt. Of course the outfit isn't complete without a fedora, which is dark gray and made from felt and has a wide black satin ribbon
humphrey bogart fashion
Bogart during a radio interview sometime in 1945. He wears a grey wool herringbone blazer, a long point collared poplin dress shirt and navy blue pants. In his breast pocket is a beige checkered pocket square.  
humphrey bogart outfit
Bogie as Phillip Marlowe in the 1946 detective noir film The Big Sleep during the rare book shop scene. The dark gray birdseye wool tweed suit would be his go to suit throughout the film and consists of a large notch lapeled suit jacket with a welted breast pocket, straight jetted hip pockets, 4-button cuffs, and ventless back. With that he wears a long point collared beige, square button cuffed dress shirt with a black silk tie adjusted short to accommodate the high waist of his double reverse-pleated trousers and a tooled western style thin leather belt. A beige cotton pocket square finishes his outfit alongside a dark brown felt snap-brim fedora with a wide black satin ribbon.
casablanca costume ideas
Bogart playing Phillipe Marlowe in his 1946 crime film "The Big Sleep", here he wears a chalk striped navy blue flannel suit that has a double breasted, wide peak lapeled ventless suit jacket with welted breast pocket, straight jetted hip pockets. He wears this with a cotton white long point collared dress shirt with matching cotton white pocket square alongside a satin burgundy tie. He wears this ensemble whenever he meets with Vivian Rutledge played by Lauren Bacall  
    bogart suit
    Bogart with Lacall in the 1944 romance adventure war film To Have and Have Not. In a rare moment outside of his captain's attire, Bogart can be seen here wearing a flannel powder blue suit that consists of a wide notch lapeled suit jacket with welted breast pocket, and is wearing a black skinny tie over a button down collared white dress shirt with a matching white pocket square. 



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