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Dressing for Your Wedding Day

So much has been written about the look of the bride that it is almost impossible not to know the accessories of running: veil, shoes, and jewelry. Something more in the shade usually remains what a groom wears, which today extends from the morning coat and tailcoat to the new fashion of the tuxedo and the more casual suit with the appropriate accessories.
   How to dress for your wedding-OTAA   
This is the day when you have to quibble over the details and leave nothing to chance. The biggest challenge is to be comfortable in an outfit you are not used to without looking disguised. We tell you how to do it.
Place of Celebration
Dressing for Your Wedding Day-OTAA   
The wedding dress should go according to the place, time and season of the year in which the wedding will take place, since it depends on the colour and type of fabric of the suit, that is, although you like the tuxedo very much, if the wedding is on the beach, you must go with something suitable for that climate.
The Physiognomy of the Groom
Physiognomy of the Groom-OTAA   
Another factor that must be taken into account, since depending on this will favour more or less some type of suit. If you are tall, a good choice will be the morning coat, while if you are short, a three-piece suit will favour you much more.
  How to Dress for Your Wedding-OTAA 
The most common among the classic colours for a groom are black, navy blue or gray; although you can also opt for light coloured suits or shirts, e.g. beige, gray, blue and even pink if you are more daring.
 How to dress for your wedding-OTAA  
As in the case of the groom, the bride must feel comfortable with the suit he chooses, as he will wear it throughout the ceremony.
The Jacket
 How to dress for your wedding  
You can choose to wear it in white, however, the best option will always be black. It can be straight or crossed, with round flaps of great opening, in silk or bright satin. If the jacket is crossed, you should not wear a sash, only the top button is fastened.
Different Styles
 How to dress for your wedding-OTAA  
Not all suits are the same and to choose the best style you should think about the type of wedding it will have.
How to dress for a wedding    
A tuxedo will be a better choice if it is a formal evening ceremony. It is usually black and with lapels in silk or satin. It has one, two or three buttons, although normally it is closed by a single button. It is complemented by a white shirt and a bow tie or black bow tie.
 How to dress for your wedding-OTAA   
This elegant suit is mostly reserved for very formal occasions or maximum etiquette. It is characterized by wearing a black jacket that goes short on the front. The lapels are usually made of matte silk and the straight pants with a silk side tape.
It is complemented by a white shirt, bow tie, plain or striped vest, black patent leather shoes, cufflinks and an optional hat. These are the main options in suits that a groom can choose, however, do not lose sight of the importance of choosing a suit that in general combines with the look of the bride, that is, in the same range of colours and under the same level of formality.
The Shoes
  Dressing for Your Wedding Day-OTAA   
The shoes of the groom must always be of skin in dark colour. The brown shoes would be consigned to the suits in blue, but never with tailcoat or even tuxedo. It is also common to choose shoelaces, such as an oxford or a derby, instead of slip-on, such as loafers.
  Dressing for Your Wedding Day-OTAA 
A groom's suit is not complete without a necktie. Choosing it correctly requires knowledge of the type of suit being worn and compliance with certain rules that are considered within formal male attire. The tie is the element that should never be missed in a man's wedding suit. You must choose a tie that goes to the style of the suit and that combines perfectly with the colour of the shirt. If you like a more fun style, we recommend that you wear a white shirt with a bow tie or a tie or with a pattern.
    Dressing for Your Wedding Day-OTAA
It is important to take into account that the neck accessory must be combined with the silk handkerchief, as well as with the buttonhole flower.
A Day Wedding
   How to dress for your wedding-OTAA 
For these weddings it is recommended to wear a suits of lighter tone, e.g. gray or blue. Everything depends on the personal tastes of each one. The neutral colours are perfect for men who are invited to a wedding that takes place in open space, field or beach. 
An Evening Wedding
 how to dress for your wedding-OTAA   
It is forbidden to use light colours in the evening. It is better to opt for a dark coloured suit such as navy blue, charcoal gray or black. If you wear black, you should wear a tuxedo, it will always be ideal for an evening wedding. 
The Details
  How to dress for your wedding-OTAA  
A groom should always distinguish himself from the rest of the crowd, so wear an ornament on the lapel of the jacket. You can place a flower equal to the one used in the bride's bouquet.
Your cufflinks should be combined with the suit and with other accessories such as the watch. Obviously, your shoes should always be impeccable, clean and well-polished, and if you wear a belt (only for the suit), it should match with the shoes. The groom and his friends must wear a badge on the lapel of the jacket.
 How to dress for your wedding-OTAA   
You can be the best-dressed man on your wedding day by following this style guide while putting in some effort. Don’t forget to be consistent with the style of the wedding and the dress of your bride.
There is no marriage without a beautiful costume, impeccably cut and perfectly adapted to the wearer. Given the opportunity, do not hesitate to go out of the usual framework and allow yourself more fantasy: we still talk about a celebration of love. We hope these tips will help you buy or rent the best wedding suit. Do you already know what kind of suit you will wear? Share it with us! 

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