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Where to Eat Breakfast & Brunch in Hong Kong

Imagine for a moment that you wake up in Hong Kong tomorrow. It would be incredible, yes, but not so much for “teleportation” as for breakfast. Having breakfast in Hong Kong is incredibly pleasant. It’s a great time to rest, forget about the rush and plan the rest of the day as you gather your strength.
If you travel to Hong Kong and stay in a hotel, it does not usually include breakfast. That's why, if you are one of those who cares about the first big meal of the day I propose these places. Some are also great for brunch on Saturday or Sunday and also lunch or an afternoon snack after you've walked it all! And if you did not have lunch, hunger is ravenous!
Brunch Club
   Brunch Club Hong Kong 
This is a place for brunch, not kidding around. It is in a great location and the interior has lots of character, with indoor and outdoor seating (in a nice, airy courtyard). There are also some cozy tables with sofas to enjoy a little more time. The atmosphere invites you to linger longer and enjoy a relaxed meal. The menu offers a good variety and lots of options for combining different dishes.
I stopped in for a brunch as this place was close to my hotel.  The chorizo and Benedict mushroom eggs were tasty and the amount of food was generous.
Cafe Gray Deluxe
Cafe Gray Deluxe Hong Kong    
It is a place with good atmosphere and great views. The restaurant overlooks Victoria Harbor, a cosmopolitan night view during dinner. The food is delicious and has a very good menu for the breakfast although it is served very early. The prices are high but to surprise your friends or customers is a good place.
The Lobby at the Peninsula
   The Lobby at the Peninsula
It is the emblematic hotel of the city, and the location is very easy to access. It’s surely a casual and elegant place for a good brunch with friends and family. I visited here after hearing that it served some of the best tea in Hong Kong and trust me, I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoyed my breakfast in the lobby, Peninsula Hong Kong. 
The Flying Pan
 The Flying Pan Hong Kong  
If you want a typical American breakfast or brunch, then this is the ideal place to go. I came here to have a break from my hotel breakfast and see what was around. This is a place to grab a breakfast in Hong Kong with fried eggs and waffles. Their service was good and they serve hearty dishes. The portions were huge and the food was a bit greasy. The Flying Pan was a great relief finding as I would prefer eggs and bacon for noodles for breakfast.  I will definitely go back!
Passion by Gerard Dubois
Passion by Gerard Dubois Hong Kong   
Passion for Gerald Dubois is one of the two best western food chains in Hong Kong. The atmosphere is cozy, some smaller, however, the tables are a little small. I went with my friend for a brunch and had a crunchy pizza square and a nice salad. We closed our brunch with a nice, hard-to-choose dessert due to the numerous types they have.
Garden Café
    Garden Café Hong Kong
I had a great Saturday Brunch at Garden Café to start my Hong Kong tour. The place is spotless and the food is fantastic. If you like fish, lobster, sushi, lamb, salads, this place has it all. It is also accompanied by the excellent service of the staff.
The Garden Café has plenty of buffets for breakfast and brunch. However, you can also order à la carte if you wish. The amazing selection of items was impressive and was a real treat. I would definitely recommend you visit Garden Café!
The Verandah
  The Verandah Hong Kong 
They have both Asian and Western style food which all look great and tempting. It offers an elegant interior design, good service, and most importantly the fresh and delicious food. The Verandah is an excellent option for breakfast in Hong Kong and offers a comfortable atmosphere in a relaxing area. You can enjoy the buffet, or you can order some popular breakfast items.
I've had some pretty damn amazing brunch in many other places, but this one has number one spot. I recommend you must go when you have hours to enjoy. I think it is suitable for family, friends, and couples.
The Kitchen
  The Kitchen Hong Kong   
The buffet breakfast at this hotel was really excellent and the brunch offers a lot of choices and still very classy with a high floor atmosphere. The staff was very friendly and they just made it perfect with a great selection of drinks.
It was my first visit to have a breakfast in The Kitchen. Even though it was a busy Sunday brunch but I had a great time. The quality of the food was great and the staff was helpful.
Cafe Kool
      Cafe Kool Hong Kong
I have enjoyed many breakfasts and brunches in Cafe Kool. It wasn’t cheap but the value for money and the selection was great. Service was fantastic and the food was very fresh and plentiful a Buffett was served at each meal and was very good and reasonable for what was served.
My friend and I enjoyed a fine breakfast on a recent excursion. We arrived late for a buffet. She ordered an omelet with sausage, and I a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. Both were fine. The coffee and tea were very good, as was the orange juice.
Enchanted Garden Restaurant
   Enchanted Garden Restaurant Hong Kong
This is the most beautiful restaurant in the hotel it is like a garden with buffet style food. Food ranges are also quite wide. They have good sashimi and seafood. There is also awesome Chinese food, including Sichuan style.
It was everything I expected and more. The food was great and the varied selection of food was fantastic. The food was all freshly prepared and they have a wide variety to choose from. The service was impeccable and the food was delicious. A stop you will be happy you made.
  Oolaa Hong Kong 
It is an excellent place where to enjoy wonderful breakfasts or brunches in a very cool area of the city. Here the chefs make excellent quality food at reasonable prices. I went there for Sunday brunch. It was fully packed but the staff was very nice and I was seated relatively quickly. The service was good, considering the numbers of people there and the food was good. It was expensive for my pocket, but the quality of what was optimal and the portions were generous.
Hong Kong lives twice as fast in everything. The cuisine is present in every nook and square meter of its streets. For me, it has been a vital experience and incredible learning. Besides one of the world's financial capitals and one of the most important cities in Asia, Hong Kong is also a gastronomic paradise.


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