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The Best Dressed Male Actors at the Oscars 2017

Men usually fall into the background but they also know how to pose on the red carpet. Today we want to highlight the great male-style potential that exists on the carpet network of the 89th Oscars. In a gala where the tuxedo and bow tie were the protagonists of the night, we chose the most outstanding looks of the 89th Academy Awards.
Viggo Mortensen:
Viggo Mortensen
       With the first tuxedo and vest of the night, Viggo nominated for his role in “Captain Fantastic”, opted for an elegant gray Dior design which he walked more than elegance by the red carpet. As for the accessories, Mortensen chose a classic bow tie in the same tone.
    Mahershala Ali:
Mahershala Ali
         One of the night’s award winners, Mahershala Ali, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “Moonlight”, looked so impressive with a total black look in a tuxedo, shirt, and accessories. One of the few of the night he said NO to the classic white shirt. And that, undoubtedly, was one of the most outstanding the styling at 89th Academy Awards.
    Ryan Seacrest:
Ryan Seacrest
            Ryan Seacrest opted for a two-tone tuxedo with a white blazer and black pants. Also with bow tie, this time of bigger size, Seacrest has gained a position in our list.
    Justin Timberlake:
Justin Timberlake
          Singer and actor Justin Timberlake chose a classic tuxedo in black, with a white shirt and bow tie, though the design of his suit was quite similar to that of Garfield, Timberlake was one of the best-suited men of the Oscar night.
 Ryan Gosling:
Ryan Gosling
        Nominated for Best Actor for “La La Land”, Gosling remained one of the most desirable men of the Oscar night with looks as original as this black tuxedo with white shirt and velvet bow tie. In front of rivals like Andrew Garfield and Casey Affleck, who finally took the award, he was one of the most elegant men with a Gucci look!
Chris Evans:
Chris Evans
        The actor Chris Evans also left the classic black betting on the blue tuxedo. With lapels and bow tie in black, the actor was one of the most attractive male actors of the Academy Awards night.
   Matt Damon:
Matt Damon
    Also in blue, actor Matt Damon bet on a tuxedo with a classic but very elegant vest. Damon, who is already a veteran of the red carpet, also joined the trend of the night by choosing a bow tie XL in black.
   Casey Affleck:
 Casey Affleck
          Casey Affleck, who made the statuette for Best Actor for “Manchester by the Sea” also posed so elegantly on the red carpet at the Oscars. Very much in the line of what accustomed us the actor chose a classic black tuxedo. No doubt, it was the strongest bet of the 89th Academy Awards. The actor respected the strict dress code imposed by the Academy.
  Gael García Bernal:
 Gael García Bernal
          For his part, Mexican actor Gael García Bernal also opted for the bet of the night: tuxedo and bow tie, this time in its more stylized version, both in black.
    Javier Bardem
     And breaking the trend of the Oscar night, the Spanish actor Javier Bardem was the only one wearing a tie on the red carpet of the 89th Academy Awards. In a black tuxedo with a very classic cut and white shirt, the actor posed like no other.
    Andrew Garfield:
Andrew Garfield
     Actor Andrew Garfield, who was nominated for his role in “To the Last Man”, seemed very faithful to his classic style with an elegant black tuxedo.  
  Riz Ahmed:
 Riz Ahmed
        Also very risky, the British musician and actor Riz Ahmed bet for a tuxedo in blue of Ermenegildo Zegna. Ahmed who put the most intense colours of the Gala became one of the most elegant of the Academy Awards with this daring design of the Italian firm. And although the black is always the protagonist of the Oscar night, the truth is that the blue comes stepping ever more strongly.
   Dev Patel:
Dev Patel
     Like presenter Ryan Seacrest, Dev Patel also opted for a two-tone design with white jacket and black pants. As for the accessories, the actor gave in to the trend and also bet by a bow tie.


Year after year, Oscar summons the great stars of Hollywood, who enjoy all the attention and glamour that is lived around after passing through the traditional red carpet. Before the start of the gala of the 89th edition of the most important awards in the film industry all eyes were centered on the red carpet. The awards are important, but the interest of the event goes far beyond the movies, in fact the most handsome and elegant men of the night!

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