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The Velvet Bow Tie

You may like it or not, but it is undeniable that velvet bow ties have been the fashion complement last year and of course, they will continue to be during 2018.
   Velvet Bow Tie OTAA
 Rules for Wearing Bow Ties
The bow tie, like any other accessory worn by men, has some basic rules of style that you should follow. These are some of the aspects to take into account.
If this is the first time you're wearing a velvet bow tie and your style is traditionally classic and simple, start with bow ties in plain colours without prints. This way you can adjust to the simply velvet colours and then build up your accessories to include more subtle and then daring patterns and styles to experiment with your personal flair.
 Velvet Bow Tie   
Exaggerated, large and wide bow ties are exclusively combined with the tuxedo. If worn with a classic and simple suit, it may seem out of place it may not complement the look as much as a regular sized bow tie.
Don't Wear these with a Velvet Bow Tie
Normally, velvet bow ties are worn with a jacket and a long-sleeved shirt but never worn with a short-sleeved shirt. In addition to this, never wear a velvet bow tie with a polo or a t-shirt. Always combine it with straight and stiff collars and avoid wearing them with any short sleeved top. The perfect accessories to accompany the velvet bow tie is an elegant scarf with a similar pattern or contrasting colour.
 Men's Scarves-OTAA    
It is important to choose the right type of shirt to wear with the velvet bow tie, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it because the whole outfit rests on your comfort and confidence in your personal style. Although, this advice applies to all your looks and all bow ties because regardless of the trends of each season, the important thing is to choose accessories according to your style, your physique and above all the ones that make you feel confident.
Bow Tie With Tuxedo     
The best way to combine the velvet bow tie is by using the now famous mix of styles: rolled-up blazers, leather jackets and jeans. In short, informal and current looks, which allow you to get more out of this accessory as you can see throughout this post.
Shirt Collars for the Velvet Bow Tie
Italian Collar
Italian Collar Shirt     
This type of shirt collar is the one that has separate blades and is perfect for elongated faces since they give an impression that makes the face seem squarer. These shirts are ideal for use with a wide knot tie but you can also use them for velvet bowties since they will cover part of the spacing of the paddles and the bow tie will always be the main accessory of the outfit.
English Collar
 English Collar Shirt    

English collar removes prominence to the knot and allows you to focus all your attention on it. Hence, do not mix well with the bow. It differs from the classic Italian collar because it has closed blades at the tip. The English collar is the most classic neckline style but absolutely not recommended with a bow tie!

Collar with Buttons
  collar with buttons  
It's advisable to avoid wearing ties and velvet bow ties with these kinds of collars. Apart from not being well shaped to complement the bow tie, the two buttons break the harmony of the neckwear and the buttons can be distracting, especially when they're not transparent or white. These types of shirts correspond to the so-called sport or casual shirt and is perfect to wear with a pair of casual pants instead of formal wear. My advice would be to avoid wearing a velvet bow tie with this type of shirt collar unless the buttons are transparent or white.
When to Wear the Velvet Bow Tie
You can wear the velvet bow tie with both a classic suit or tuxedo. The good thing is that some recent trends also show velvet accessories being worn in more casual styles, such as with a blazer and casual pants instead of the traditional suit. This way, you can experiment during the colder seasons and opt for a velvet bow tie or tie to add warmth and luxuriousness to your outfit.
Velvet Bow Tie-OTAA   
Many men feel dread when knotting the velvet bow tie, but if you consult a tutorial online or ask advice from an expert you will find that it is much simpler than it seems. If you tie it yourself, definitely check a tutorial on YouTube or online that shows step by step how to tie a velvet bow tie. Due to the plush nature of the velvet, it may take a few attempts but when you're done, the look is phenomenal. Even easier - buy a pre tied velvet bow tie instead.
How to Tie the Velvet Bow Tie
Velvet Bow Tie-OTAA   
Here are some basic steps to make a classic and simple bow tie loop and knot: Put the bow tie around the neck, cross the right end on the left end, make the knot passing the right end through the opening that you have made with the left, place the right end of the bow tie trying to form a loop through the hole that is generated towards the back made with the left end and adjust the loop according to the width of the neck. If the finalised bow tie appears loose, it can fall flat and may not look as stylish. In order for the bow tie to have the perfect width and length, the peaks of the bow ties must not extend beyond the collar of the shirt.
 Velvet Bow Tie-OTAA   
The velvet bow tie returned a couple of seasons to the male scene after years in oblivion. If you are one of those who continue to see the velvet bow tie as something too outlandish, now it is one of the trendiest accessories. In fact, many designers have used the plush and luxurious velvet in their latest designs but it has made the biggest resurgence in men's accessories and fashion.

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