The Best Winter Men’s Accessories

Winter is the time in which everyone wants to be fashionable, but well wrapped. Forget about spending a fortune on your outlook, it looks impeccable and in trend, but always protected against the cold. How to achieve it? Simple! All you have to do is get the basic accessories that we recommend, combine them, and take advantage of them. Remember that using the right clothes is the smartest strategy during this season.
Since the twentieth century many have been the accessories that have accompanied men's fashion. Starting with the characteristic bicoloured shoes that were fashionable in the 20s, along with the plain tie and hats in the 30s. It was in the 60s and 70s when there was a great change that revolutionized the world of accessories incorporating new styles to masculine fashion thanks to the appearance of disco and hippie styles.
Although it was from the 80s when we began to see a greater variety in male accessories hand in hand with the different styles that were emerging. The rapper style, with patterned berets and sports shoes, punk with torn clothes and spikes or grunge with torn pants and classic checkered shirts. But what are the masculine accessories that are currently in fashion?
It is time to adopt the wardrobe to the new season. We tell you what are the best looks for the cold months and everything you need to know about the winter 2018 trends. Meet the fashion that is coming, the clothes that are going to be used, the inevitable colours, the new designs, the accessories and all the nice things that you have to start looking and include in your wish list. Keep reading!
Tartan Ties
The ties and bow ties never go out of fashion, they only change their outfits, colours and patterns. This season they are strong and with a lot of colour. Dare to play with the handkerchief. Although it has always tended to the total monochrome between tie and handkerchief, in daring is the virtue of style. Therefore, you can choose to combine prints or if you prefer to be more cautious, choose one of them with drawings and the other in a similar tone in plain.
Bow Ties
Designed as a scarf in the mid-seventeenth century, the bow ties have evolved to the point of lending themselves to all kinds of interpretations, with textures ranging from classics typical of the modern gentleman, such as Italian silks, English wool or Japanese cotton, to tartan fabrics, respectful with the environment, or even the amazing recycled wood bows (perfect for kids with knotting problems).
Tartan bow tie fits easily and works excellently to stand out for its rich texture. Tartan fabric gives a perfect touch to your dress. This season, mini prints based on flowers or animals that dictate the trend, but also the classic points and stripes will find their place among the proposals of the leading luxury brands.
Tartan pocket handkerchiefs are a perfect accessory to make a difference and score points in terms of elegance. Combining it with the tartan tie is essential, but it is not necessary that they be exactly the same colour, only colours that combine with each other, that have something in common. The handkerchiefs allow you to play a classy touch with a lot of styles, for those looking for a point of extravaganza there are really options for all tastes.
Screen Glasses
This decade is experiencing a second boom in hi-tech fashion after its first stage dedicated to the 90s, and the flat glasses with multi-coloured flat lenses, like these from Dior Homme, are a good option to complete futuristic outfits.
The straps, like the other accessories, will be filled with colour and life. The suspenders are worn in replacement of the belt, these are better in terms of feasts since they will not tighten you on the stomach area. The best occasion to wear them is when you wear a suit or a Chinese shirt and pants. Hence, completing a formal look with a touch of retro style to the last.
 Parisian Beret
   Parisian Beret 
It is a perfect complement to give a bohemian touch to winter looks. Neither caps nor hats, the beret (wool or fur) is chosen by many signatures like Prada to crown the male wardrobe.
Menswear is more versatile and changing than it seems. And, although it seems that men only wear pants, jeans, shirts, and shoes, each garment has its own use and trend. In fact, the more and more growing interest of men in fashion has managed to generate an entire industry around them.
Winter is the star station to show off all kinds of accessories. Scarves, gloves, hats and tartan ties become essential items. Everything allowed if the goal is not to go cold. With the right choice of accessories, you will get a totally personalized look. In short, the winter accessories for men are here to stay and they are undoubtedly essential for a good wardrobe that will make your looks the way you want.     

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