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The Best Winter Men’s Accessories

Winter is the time in which everyone wants to be fashionable but also genuinely comfortable in the cold. Forget about spending a fortune on your look only to end up freezing in your subzero climate and find the best of both worlds. So how do you achieve this? All you have to do is get the absolute essential accessories and garments and take advantage of the functionality ofthe undergarments whilst still looking like an Italian gentleman on outside. Remember to select thin layers as undergarments to adjust in the cool weather from outdoors to indoors - that's the key.
James Bond Winter   
 The best way to begin is to identify which type of climate you're in and your day to day tasks. Not all winters are created equally around the globe. The best guide is to stick to the three layer rule - a shirt or polo, a cardigan or zip up jumper and a warm coat for the outdoors. Once you've established your key garments, jump right to accessorising.
Tartan Ties
The rich and classic pattern in tartan ties never really goes out of fashion during winter. It's full of the classic reds, greens, blues and touches of yellow with a detailed lined pattern that works well with all coloured suits, from navy through to grey. The pattern is so rich and intricate that you don't have to stick to the traditional colours either. Modern styles have combinations of brown, blues, pinks, greens and more. Whichever colour combination you choose try and stick with a cotton, wool, linen or matte fabric instead of silk or satin. The textured and matte fabrics create a full-bodied tie that matches the temperament of winter outfits. 
Bow Ties
Designed initially as a scarf in the mid-seventeenth century, bow ties have evolved from the function of keeping our necks warm to an accessory to stand out from the rest of our outfit. Typical winter fabric bow ties include Italian silks, English wool or Japanese cotton all the way through to tartan fabrics. Although you may be more of a necktie kind of gent, bow ties are still great accessories during the winter season paired with a woollen overcoat and gloves. The key is to choose a fabric that is either deeper in colour, like a burgundy, dark navy or deep green and a pattern that is either tartan, lightly patterned and generally free of florals and summer styles. 
Pocket handkerchiefs are a forgotten art that certainly score points for elegance and panache. For winter, they look great in overcoats and suit jackets alike and there are no particular rules when it comes to choosing the right style during winter. You could layer up a shirt, tie, jumper and coat with a pocket square to finish the whole ensemble. The key is to choose a pocket square that complements the key elements of your outfit, whether it's your tie or your shirt without overpowering it. Generally a classic white pocket square contrasts well with dark overcoats that are typically worn in winter and when folded the right way, you can create a classy finish to your winter getup.
Suspenders, like the other accessories can be simple in style or include a bit of a pattern to make a stylish point of difference. The suspenders are worn in replacement of belts and tend to be more comfortable as they aren't tight on the waist. Suspenders are certainly a nod to an older and classic fashion style but are definitely making a reemergence in the men's fashion scene. In winter, they work well with neckties or bowties that have more texture throughout them, such as a woollen bow tie or a cotton necktie. Suspenders are of course not limited to just the winter seasons but can be worn throughout the year to craft a unique getup.
Styling in winter can definitely seem like a daunting task in winter to begin with. And it is. We generally sacrifice comfort for fashion and forget key garments when making styling choices. As mentioned earlier, always remember the 3 garment rule for winter - a shirt or polo, a cardigan or zip up jumper and an overcoat. The fun part of accessorising comes after and in winter, there are certainly lots of options in fabrics and patterns, with tartan and wool being top contenders.
Winter Men's Fashion   
Winter, if you really think about it, is the best time to show off all kinds of accessories that you have. Scarves, gloves, hats, ties, cufflinks and more become essential items. The key is don't be cold. With the right choice of accessories, you will get a completely personalised look and have layers that you can add or remove depending on your day to day tasks. 

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