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Style of Prince of Wales and Approach to Timeless Fashion

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne must have an irreproachable appearance. It must be said that the heir to the throne looked after his appearance from an early age. After all, the Prince of Wales has a duty to represent his country and the image of the nation.
Prince Charles for more than 30 years has remained true to the classic patterns that his trusty tailors Anderson & Sheppard, and Gieves & Hawkes have advised him and that he has always dressed in the absolute British style.
The cut of their costumes cannot obey more classic patterns. Wide cuts that help the suit rest on the body without insinuating too much the figure, wide flaps and low cut, borders whose length matches exactly the one of the knuckles of the hand and pants without turning in the two and three Pieces. Perhaps this explains a more remarkable difference in the dressing of Prince Charles and his royal acquaintances. 
Although it has been common to see him wear simple suits or vest, in recent years the most frequent image of the Prince of Wales is the suit of crossed buttoned jacket (which, incidentally, is also a standard of Juan Carlos, The King of Spain).
Another note of his taste for true classic elegance is to wear a pocket square at all times. This complement is a faithful companion of all his jackets. No matter who he meets or what country to visit, he will always wear his handkerchief. In addition to his way of dressing, I have no doubt that he is proud of his wardrobe choice.
Prince of Wales has always used excessive colors in his outfits. His mono color or diplomatic costumes are his most frequent choice. Something similar happens with his shirts. These are usually also monochrome or in some cases, blended with fine lines. It will be difficult to see him in plaid shirts or striking stripes. His favorite color for these is the light blue. This color facilitates the correct combination of handkerchiefs and also allows him to choose a handkerchief for a more cheerful print.
All of his shirts have a double cuff, and there is not much fabric left after the cufflinks. Sometimes it can even give the impression that they are simple cuffs where the button has been replaced by a buttonhole. The cuff links are characterized by their simplicity and discretion with a part of gold in them.
This discretion can also be seen in his ties. He uses classic colors with small motifs. However, he still has a fondness wearing striped ties with bands of wide colors which denote his timeless style and appeal.
He is more likely to always wear a flower in the buttonhole, you can see him in various events without a flower. Perhaps his only shy wink to modernity are the bracelets that in some photo can be guessed under the double fist. All obeying once again the English classic patterns and colors.
As far as footwear is concerned, he continues to opt for the Oxford classic with the typical English wide width. With dark and diplomatic suits he always wears black shoes and in his gray suits he prefers brown or dark shades of wine.
If you look at the set formed by his shirt collar, tie knot and jacket lapels, you will appreciate that all these parts do not take any relevance and his face is the sole protagonist of the final portrait. You must not forget that as you have established on some occasion, all your clothing has as its final mission to highlight our face and our physique. The protagonist is you and not your tie knot or your coat.
Time passes for all and Princes are no exception. The face of Prince Charles has widened with the years and perhaps a second return to the tie would achieve a final result more in line with his current physiognomy.
I strongly believe that it will be a long time before you see a public figure of the relevance of the Prince of Wales wearing so many years according to the classical standards and giving the maximum sense to the word “elegance”. Prince of Wales is a clear sign that it is not necessary to succumb to the most modern tendencies or to become authentic fashion victim to be able to be an exponent of elegance and style.
Prince of Wales is the ultimate proppant of British elegance in its maximum. If you have the opportunity to go to an English bookstore and look at the many biographies that exist on Prince of Wales, you can see in the photos of the interior that his dress has hardly undergone remarkable changes in all these years.

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