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Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land

What if I reveal step by step how to dress the same as Ryan Gosling in La La Land, perhaps the movie of the year, which may have introduced a new way of dressing thanks to one of its protagonists? No, do not think it is an old-fashioned movie because the story unfolds in the mid-twentieth century. You can discover a new style in which you can inspire.
    Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land
La La Land has become the great hype of the season. A film that envelops us in the essence of the classic musical with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as protagonist couple, handsome to rage, dressed exceptionally by the costume designer Mary Zophres, who tells us all the secrets of the closet of Sebastian and Mia.
  Gosling Style in La La Land  
The costume designer stated that her intention in conceiving the costumes of La La Land was to make the costumes as close to the reality that the protagonists live. Thus, in the case of Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), jazz musician, the classicism of his lifestyle is reflected in his dresses.
The Clothing Secrets
 Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land  
Say no to the suit, best combined. Watching Ryan Gosling from the barrier of La La Land may lead us to think that this city of stars is long back, but nothing further from reality.  If you have not yet seen the movie, do not be afraid, I will not reveal anything of the argument but if you notice the dresses of Gosling, you will rarely see him with a complete suit. He prefers the blends, that is, mixing American trousers of different colours in the style of the early 60's.
Strikingly Discreet American
Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land   
The jackets are smooth, in saturated colours and contrasted with the rest of the colourful atmosphere of each scene. It seems that Zophres has handled such films as “The Band Wagon”, “Singing in the Rain”, Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet” or “Catch Me If You Can”.
Ryan’s character is formal and always well-groomed. The pants are trimmed for the dance numbers. Ryan also wears retro-cut and elegant three-piece tailor suits. His shoes are the only piece with which Sebastian leaves the 50 and back to 40. Obviously, when jazz music was in full swing, it was just at that time when bicolour shoes became the ultimate shoe trend.
   Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land  
Another item to keep in mind is vintage ties. Look at his ties that, perhaps, along with his shoes, are the most significant sign of his looks in La La Land. Always narrow and with a small embroidery/print on the front and for the cut they seem out of the 50’s. On the contrary, the weekend does not bet on jeans, t-shirt, or sports. Sebastian opts for the well-known casual tailored of the era, i.e. flowing shirts with Cuban collar and wool tailor pants.
  Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land   
Gosling at 36 is seduced by the sporting trends and there are no wool coats with lambskin lining, military style boots, or sweatshirts in neutral colors. Mention aside, his style includes a vast collection of sunglasses, where models like Ray-Ban’s “Wayfarer” or Persol’s “649 series” are used.
Emma Stone’s Costumes
Emma Stone in La La Land    
The designer was inspired by Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, and Ingrid Bergman. Her style (in the film) is classic, beautiful, feminine, natural and romantic. Mary Zophres tells Emma Stone that the clean and simple lines feel very good, so dresses with halter neckline and skirts with a certain flight have been used.
    Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land
This type of skirts is perfect so that the protagonist can dance to perfection. The fabrics are very important to give movement to the garments, especially in the dancing scenes. Emma Stone also looks more casual, and conveys a sensation and a reality, like when she goes to an audition.
Each Design Serves a Purpose
 Ryan Gosling Suits in La La Land   
The suits around Sebastian’s waist, along with the retro shoes he wears during the film, show a romance that was only found in the movies of the 50's. On the other hand, Mia’s dresses follow the same classic pattern of old Hollywood, but with a contemporary touch using a mixture of clothing from vintage stores and brands like H&M, giving the character even more realism. Zophres’s goal was to impress the women of the public with Sebastian’s costumes and to infatuate the men in Mia’s clothing.
La La Land is undoubtedly the fashionable movie of the year. The wardrobe is a classic, timeless and with retro touches. Mary Zophres had already worked with both actors so it was easier to create their styling. The palette of colours is very cheerful and full of colours to give dynamism to the scenes. This film, set in the current stage, is a clear tribute to the Hollywood of the 50’s and an ode to the aesthetics of the 60’s.

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