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The Best Presidential Suits Ever Worn

The diplomatic protocol and the demands of the presidential dress-code leave a narrow margin of freedom to express themselves freely. Who has the best taste when choosing what to wear to take charge of governing his nation? That question causes you great curiosity, because although you know that the presidents of the list below have a group of “image advisors” behind them, some do not look as good as they should, considering the media exposure to which their posts compels them.

Even the presidents and high official of a country cannot escape from the sharp eyes of “fashion police”. The following list spotlights the powerful men and women in the world who accessorize political acumen with perfect tailoring and their idiosyncratic touches.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has declared that he is not a fan of fashion. However, Obama knows how to wear a suit and he wears it well. During his presidential campaigns he was seen with a more casual look of jeans and shirts, but in office, he has opted for an obligatorily more elegant image, based on classic two buttons. His favorite colors are the dark ones and he mostly wears white shirts combined with ties in red or blue tones. Among his favorite designers are Ermenegildo Zegna and Hart Schaffner Marx.

The former President explained the logic behind this routine:

"You will see that I wear only gray or blue suits. I'm trying to lower my choices. I do not want to have to choose what I like or seen because I have many other important decisions to make. "

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

With his head bare, his hands in the pockets of a dark vest suit and combined with a white shirt: that’s how he arrived in 1961 at the White House. Kennedy was a man who would not suffer comparison with his predecessors. He had dared to get rid of the outdated uniform of power (three-button sack, waistcoat, and tweed pants), incorporating into politics something that the others had not dared before.

His dark tie of a single color or striped, Oxford cotton shirt, Italian collar (without buttoning) and all supplemented with a pair of Ray-Ban gave him glamor and enshrined the emblematic of his unique style. Kennedy showed that elegance was no longer the exclusive property of the aristocracy. In fact, he made it clear that elegance did not need to be named. The one he projected, for example, was based on the simplicity of a straight, narrow-necked sack made by Brooks Brothers.

Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman

Famous for his steel-gray hair, hazel eyes and thick rimless glasses, Harry S. Truman was one of the most stylish Presidents in the U.S history.  Truman didn’t wear expensive suits, he wore his suits with elegance to fit his frame, and they looked extremely good on him. He was famed for his fondness for bright-colored shirts and bow-ties. Today’s fashion police won’t allow U.S Presidents to wear bow ties, but during his era, the bow tie was more than acceptable.

Truman was fond of tight geometric patterns in deep blues and reds, which helped to add an excessive deal of contrast to the suits. As his presidency progressed, he transitioned into the slimmer, single-breasted suits to embody a sense of perfectionism.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

With the arrival of Ronald Reagan in power in the 1980s, a new air of vibrant colors and sophistication shook the White House.  Ronald is credited for reviving the traditional American dressing style. Reagan always dressed smartly in a clean cut suit that accentuated his shoulders. Reagan knew perfectly how smart dressing can change one’s image.  He took clothes seriously and approached fashion and style soberly. He was idolized by Republican candidates at large, but none of them can match his style!

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Putin, who the Western media have nicknamed as “Man in Black” for his fondness for black, has risked widening his palette of colors. Being the president of Russia is no easy task. Driving the country is half the work, but it seems that you do it as if it does not cost you the least effort is not so simple. It’s no secret that the President’s suits for Russian President are made to measure. His favorite brands are Kiton and Brioni (in this case the president and the secret agent have the same tastes).

Since they are practically always the same. With the dark blue or gray suits, he wears sky blue and navy blue tie (again, it is a summer suit in light gray, the shirt may be navy blue). If the suit is black, he combines the white shirt with a black or burgundy tie. Probably because of his age and position, the president refrains from wearing strident patterns on his ties.


The Presidential formal suiting is one of the most widely observed and analyzed attire in the world. Reviewing the style and looks of world presidents has also become a news, for both fashion and social media, as well as newspapers and specialized publications in politics.




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