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The Breakdown of Suits worn in Quentin Tarantino Films

Few filmmakers have a signature style as personal and characteristic as Quentin Tarantino. Influenced by "spaghetti westerns" and low-budget films, he began his journey from scratch and following his own instinct. Today he is studied in film schools and his style is imitated by thousands of young filmmakers who already consider it an indispensable page in the history of cinema.      
  Quentin Tarantino          
There is nothing better to celebrate than remembering some of his best phrases, tips, film lessons and costumes that demonstrate his very peculiar humility, style, and worldview. And if something magic does, in addition to the performances, the dances and the singing, it is the magnificent costumes donned by the actors in Quentin Tarantino's films. There are styles of all times and for all tastes. When we review his best films, they all have something in common: the perfect dress. 
Style Lessons from Quentin Tarantino Movies
Reservoir Dogs: the birth of a style      
Reservoir Dogs    
Quentin Tarantino created something really original with Reservoir Dogs, and there are reasons, but there is no denying that he was able to turn his particular point of view into an explosive, fun, fragmented and visually absorbing movie into a film that would lay the foundations of "Tarantinism".      
If there is something for what will be remembered forever about this film is the black suits, white shirts, close ties and sunglasses of the protagonists. Betsy Heimann, the costume designer, acknowledges that she did not have much work since everything was perfectly defined by Tarantino.   
  Reservoir Dogs  
Due to the low budget, most actors donned their own clothes, so Harvey Keitel wears his own tailor made an outfit, and Steve Buscemi wears black jeans instead of a pair of suit pants since he had nothing else.      
Django Unchained      
Django Unchained   
Sharen Davis, who also designed the costumes for 'Dreamgirls' (2006) and 'Ray' (2004, also with Jamie Foxx). For 'Django Unchained' they wanted something halfway between the historical rigor with the "kitch touch" of Quentin Tarantino.  
In addition, clothing marks the evolution of the characters. Django (Jamie Foxx) begins as a slave, dressed only with a pair of chewed pants and a stolen coat. When he can choose his clothes he chooses a blue suit of silk and French reflection.  
Django Unchained   
As the movie progresses, Django begins to wear tighter and wear-resistant earth tones, like his green jacket and hat, based on the television series 'Bonanza' (Davis hired the designer of the original hat to create Jamie Foxx).  
Django puts on one of the crimson costumes of Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), something that you would never see in a Spaghetti Western. However, Django's mentor, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), has a much more European style. Who is of German origin and always wears heavy coats, bowlers, and layers of French influence that give him body and presence.     
Jackie Brown: Tarantino's Glorious Sleeper
Jackie Brown     
After the incomparable success of Pulp Fiction, Tarantino was free to do what he wanted. It is, undoubtedly, his most classic film. Tarantino portrays a series of characters typical of black cinema, morally ambiguous, materialistic, willing to change their fate, and sometimes slaves of a destiny that they cannot control. 
Quentin brings us the story of a flight attendant (Pam Grier) who plays Ordell's girlfriend and fulfills her role in a decent way. The credit goes to Mary Claire Hannan, the costume designer who also began her career with Tarantino. 
Pulp Fiction     
 Pulp Fiction       
Tarantino's best film to date is Pulp Fiction, winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes. The film presents several stories that cross each other. Continuing with the special dedicated to Quentin Tarantino that had something left in the drawer, now it is the turn to enter into what is, without a doubt, his great masterpiece.    
Tarantino was able to express his peculiar cultural universe, his experiences and his enormous talent for the characterization that wanted to break with the molds. The great master of time, action, dialogue, character building and costumes, Tarantino draws inspiration a handful of unforgettable scenes.     
Inglourious Basterds    
Inglourious Basterds    
Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt have engaged in a resounding historical revisionism of how the Second World War ended. Most of the costumes of the film were specially made for production from Anna Sheppard's original designs.   
Christoph Waltz's long coat intimidates the first scene in the farmhouse, obviously by the association, but also because of the constant rustling of leather.  
Inglourious Basterds     
As many uniforms were used in the final scene, I wanted to use a more ostentatious and visible design to highlight it and also to march the fact that he imitates to be an Italian filmmaker. Brad Pitt also has many "casual" knitwear, hats and scarves, which are normally not seen on soldiers in World War II. The character portrayed by Brad Pitt in the film is an American soldier disguised as a French partisan, so the costume designer did not follow usual stereotypes.    
Quentin Tarantino stood out for the way of presenting his films and telling different stories with a humor loved by some and misunderstood by others.  All of us who have seen some Quentin Tarantino movie know that the director has a unique style and different from the rest. One cannot ignore the brilliant and peculiar dialogues, the references to pop culture, the winks to other films and directors, the violence, and the suits donned by his leading stars! 

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