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Roger Moore: the James Bond Style Icon

  James Bond is the most famous spy in the cinema. It has been interpreted by 6 different actors, all with a particular style. From George Lazenby to Daniel Craig, Agent 007 has been transformed and evolved from the hands of men who have borrowed his personality. Roger Moore, the British actor was the one who has most incarnated 007.
Roger Moore James Bond  
   His style was super manly and featured hard features on his face: a sexy jaw, expressive eyes and split beard that drove the girls Bond crazy. From suit, casual or tuxedo, Roger managed to make his character the most elegant spy of all.
Roger Moore   
With a total of 7 films to his credit, Moore gave life to Agent 007 for 12 years and a total of seven films: Live and Let Die (1973), The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Moonraker 1979), Just for Your Eyes (1981), Octopussy (1983) and Panorama for Killing (1985).
Roger Moore, the Most Elegant Bond
Roger Moore James Bond     
Roger Moore remained 007 more than six times. Beside the most prolific, he was the most stylish and elegant Bond. If the say that Moore slept with a tie, we can believe it but what Roger Moore's Bond style defines?
Moore took with him his own tailors of confidence to make him James Bond. Moore used three different designers for his stylish costumes. Cyril Castle brought him the 70’s style, with wide-brimmed suits and bell-bottoms, betting on the double buttoning, for example, at a time when it was not something too conservative.
  Roger Moore James Bond  
Angelo Vitucci brought him the Italian touch (heavily armed shoulders and scarves on the lapel) and brown suits, something bit strange but that marked Roger Moore’s Bond. The last tailor was Douglas Hayward, the best known of the three and also the most sober. He gave him a more modern and soft style (narrow trousers and lots of casual clothes, especially blue blazers and coats), more related to the 80’s.
Roger Moore James Bond     
Roger Moore’s outfits, such as the James Bond of the 1970s, are an example of the finest style of the era, remaining faithful to the refined and distinguished image of Agent 007 and encouraging men to dress elegantly.
   Roger Moore James Bond
For example, while fashion pants widened their bell-bottoms, Bond taught men how to use this style with the best taste, wearing jeans with a cowboy cut. And when daring prints were imposed and polyester dominated, Bond wore a paler color palette and natural fabrics. Roger Moore's Bond was able to cope with the decade with its dignity and style intact and continues to be inspiring in style to this day.
 Roger Moore James Bond  
Roger Moore was kept in the neutral colors of Agent 007’s trademark (black, navy blue, gray, brown, white, tan and khaki) and to keep up with the era he wore crossed jackets, white tuxedo, lightly flared trousers, impeccably cut, shirts with French cuffs and high-necked sweaters. Black leather gloves and striped ties were his indispensable accessories. Dressing the Bond way of any decade means taking the latest trend and styling it, to create an elegant and durable image that is still surprisingly fashionable.
Live and Let Die (1973)
 Roger Moore James Bond   
Moore made it clear that you can kill and love in a thousand different ways, but always in style. He fights with a type of cut with a swan-neck sweater and black trousers. Even with a bathrobe with embroidered initials and all this only in a James Bond movie. Get over it.
Octopussy (1983)
Roger Moore   
At the other end is the ivory tuxedo he wore in Octopussy, with the long jacket and high collars. The saying use of those light tones was because it matched well with the golden color of Moore's hair and his caramel skin tone. We can also believe it.
However, James Bond was not Moore’s first role as a man of action. The British actor rose to fame years before with his role of Simon Templar in the British series The Saint. In all, 118 episodes issued between 1962 and 1969 gave life to this sort of English Robin Hood that robbed the evil and corrupt.
Roger Moore James Bond    
His style was super manly and he dared many things. In several of his tuxedos, he wore shirts that were not white (cream or light blue). Was he an innovator? Perhaps it was that everything was so good that nothing seemed strange on his shoulders. The truth is that his films as Bond are very far from the current line of realistic thriller that envelops the saga.
 Roger Moore James Bond    
He was a model of knitwear before being an actor. Age gave him furrows on his face and the fierce point he must have. The Moore cultivated the crossed blazer with gold buttons, the white trousers, the gray suit and the striped ties. From suit, casual or tuxedo, Moore managed to make his character the most elegant spy of all!


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