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The Best Places to do Shopping in Bangkok

Talking about Bangkok and not mentioning its huge shopping places is like trying to fly without wings. The city without its markets, stalls, and shops cannot be conceived. I think if you can afford it, there's nothing wrong with crossing half a world to visit the most famous and well-known malls.
JJ Market (Chatuchak Market)
Chatuchak Market Bangkok    
Definitely an essential visit in Bangkok, a good way to get involved with what is the reality of the city, a market where locals and outsiders spend money on endless market stalls where it is difficult to find something to buy.
Here you will find all sorts of things from antiques, decoration, fashion and an infinite second-hand section with prices for all pockets. It is always bursting it is huge and somewhat complicated to obviously, you need a whole day so do not cut yourself at the time of haggling.
Siam Paragon
 Siam Paragon Bangkok   
This place is an emblem of luxury and beauty in its entire splendor. As the title says, Siam Paragon is much more than a great Shopping place. Here you can find it from a pair of pants at Zara to a Maserati! It is a great luxury mall, the entrance is full of fountains and marbles until you reach the Siam Center Square, all of great quality and design. The food area is spectacular and you can have all kinds of food in a clean environment.
MBK Bangkok    
The heat of Bangkok was killing me, as I wasn’t used to it, luckily I found this mall just two blocks from where I was staying. If you want to do shopping, this is without a doubt one of the best places in Bangkok where you can find everything at a good price and have fun negotiating prices since everything is negotiable, especially if you have the possibility to buy several items in the same store.
Terminal 21
  Terminal 21 Bangkok   
I loved the concept of the mall. Each floor is a different city: London, Tokyo, Istanbul, the Caribbean, Rome, Paris and San Francisco. It's fine if you do not want to move around the city and looking for better prices. It's one of the best eating places, especially if you are edited to western food. It is accessed directly from the Asok BTS station in Sukhumwit District and is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
 EmQuartier Bangkok   
It's a new Mall just across from Emporium. I was impressed by its size and its variety of shops. It is divided into three areas. And in the halls and corridors, there are stalls with clothes and very cheap items. The food market and the food court is a lazy one, my favorite stand for desserts and vegan bread.
Central World
 Central World     
It is located in the commercial area of Bangkok, close to other major shopping centers such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and MBK. This shopping mall is one of the largest in the shopping area, something common in Asian capitals like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Inside you can find clothing stores of well-known brands, as well as a multitude of food and technology venues. It is a very luxurious shopping center that makes a lot of contrast with the city. I wanted to buy a camera and had recommended.
Khao San Road
  Khao San Road   
You must visit Khao San Road to have a full touch of Bangkok with local culture mixed with globalized tourism. If you need souvenirs, t-shirts, bracelets or, you'll find all this and more at San Road.  Day stands for food, clothing, and souvenirs and at night party and people from all over the world. It is the place for young people, backpackers, and adventure seekers. You can find a bar and a massage parlor every 20 meters.
Chinatown Market
 Chinatown Market Bangkok   
Upon entering this large area of Bangkok, one has the feeling that it has completely moved at least fifty years ago, and is located in the heart of China. All its decoration, its people, or its environment, is the same that you can (we could better) see in any Chinese city.  It is interesting to feel crowded, but prices can get cheaper in other markets. It is worthwhile to take a walk and eat or dine at one of the food stands.
Market of Sampeng Lane (Chinatown)
Here is a little bit of everything ... it's a kind of bazaar to the beast! In many positions, they sell only wholesale but the best thing is that in Sampeng Lane you can try all the pinches and rare dishes that you can imagine.
Pantip Plaza
 Pantip Plaza Bangkok   
Technology addicts find this center a trap from which they will find it hard to leave. Mobiles, computers, hardware and software (original and pirate), but also movies and music ... absolutely everything that can go through your imagination is here. To distinguish the original products from the limitations as always, it is convenient to distinguish the counterfeits and spend money wisely.
Pratunam Market
   Pratunam Market  
The outer and most visible area of this market is full of shops and stalls oriented to the tourist but if you enter the streets nearby you will find galleries full of establishments where the local people buy. In this market, you will find the best and biggest supply of clothes of the city.
There is probably no better city in Asia for shopping than Bangkok. The large number of markets coupled with low prices make the capital of Thailand a paradise for both consumers and those who just want to spend a fun time browsing the stalls and putting their bargaining skills into practice. If you hate to shop, surrender: in Bangkok sooner or later you'll bite.

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