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Best Places in Italy to have a Cup of Coffee

Italy is a country with a great variety of traditions, gastronomy, heritage and history. But there is nothing compared than enjoying a moment of relaxation while tasting a delicious Italian Coffee accompanied by some sweets. The coffee culture in Italy is monolithic. You must visit a place where you can sit and enjoy the view with the company of a rich Cup of Coffee.  
The taste and aroma are important, but the place where you are taking it is also essential. If you travel to Italy, one of the obligatory stops is to visit its famous Coffee Shops. It’s most emblematic and beautiful cafés should not be missed if you travel to one of these cities.
Very close to the Pantheon, TAZZA D’ORO is the rival of Saint Eustace. The Café is full throughout the day. I strongly suggest trying at least once the famous iced coffee with double cream top and bottom, a real calorie bomb. Here you can find the best coffee blends.
Pavé (Milan)
     Pavé (Milan) 
I love Milan. It has its own charm. Pave is the true representative of Milan’s unique experience. It can be busy in the morning because everyone stops here for a cup of coffee and a croissant. It has a very friendly staff, great crowd and a cozy environment complemented with lots of aromas that surround you. If you do not mind at the counter, then feel like a real Italian and enjoy a hot cup of coffee without a table. 
Ditta Artigianale (Florence)
    Ditta Artigianale Florence
I do not think there is a place like Ditta in Florence. Their coffees are unique and the selection of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other homemade sweets can force you to lick your fingers. Contrary to this, you can also have a wonderful breakfast, lunch and even dinner. The staff is very friendly and very professional.
Torrefazione Cannaregio (Venice)
  Torrefazione Cannaregio Venice  
The best taste of espresso I've ever had. This is a charming place to have coffee in a bar, with your own coffee roasting machine and sacks of grains of various types. It has very good decor and coffees from different parts of Latin America.
Caffe Mexico (Naples)
  Caffe Mexico Naples   
A good traveler should stop here when visiting the city. Café Mexico is a magnificent place where the quality of the coffee and the friendliness of the staff are the two best reasons to visit it. Otherwise, it is difficult in Naples to choose a place for coffee, because they are the kings of this pleasant drink. There is no seating arrangement to calmly taste the coffee but the coffee is strong and intense. If you are in the Naples and looking for good coffee, this is the place to go!
Filter Coffee Lab (Pisa)
Filter Coffee Lab Pisa     
Walking around Pisa after spending time at the tour and Duomo I stopped at this place which is located on one of the main routes to the train station. Filter Coffee is full of young folks and offers plenty of choices of coffees, sandwiches, and desserts. I had a cappuccino and a piece of cake that I split with my friends. It was delicious and not expensive. If you are in Pisa, just stop here.
Caffe Al Bicerin (Turin)
    Caffe Al Bicerin Turin  
It is a hidden, small and cozy place in front of the church of the Consolata that should not be missed either. Although there are sometimes queues, since it only has eight tables (for three people each), but it is worth waiting to take a magnificent Coffee or a Bicerin in Turin and watch as the hours go by. Here waiters are very friendly, helpful and attentive. The atmosphere is unique as if you were returning to an ancient time as you cross the front door.
Caffe Borsari (Verona)
   Caffe Borsari Verona
I went in to try their Cappuccino. It’s a very nice place and has a great variety of cheap coffees. It serves the best Cappuccinos and Macchiato I had, and besides, at quite normal prices, and in a simple and very friendly atmosphere with character. The café is in the center of Verona filled with those little things that make a place a must-visit place.
Caffe Terzi (Bologna)
Caffe Terzi Blogona Italy 
I was greeted by its friendly staff. I really enjoyed coffee and croissant in this great, small and cozy place that is full of genuine character. Terzi has a nice atmosphere with absolutely good coffee in the city and certainly deserve to be one of the best coffee shops in Bologna. It also has an interesting and exotic selection of different coffees. I tried "Pepperoncino" which is a mix of espresso, chocolate, and chili pepper.
Churches, palaces, museums, viewpoints, and beaches, but one of the must-see visits in Italy, is more peculiar: it's about their well-known historical cafes and coffee shops. If you are thinking about what to see in Italy, do not leave them aside!

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