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How To Style a Men's Bracelet

Men's bracelets are a collision between elegance and detail as they can give an eclectic tone to formal wear. If you're pairing them with a casual arrangement, a bracelet can give you that touch of detail that makes you look more put together and finessed. Unfortunately, men's bracelets are approached with a lot of caution because they're perceived as more feminine than other men's accessories. It comes from the cynical world view that jewellery is reserved for women only. 


Men's bracelets


The truth is, there's a line that must be tread carefully when it comes men's jewellery, but when you get the balance right; the results can be magnificent. If you put too much bling on your wrist, you can make your entire outfit look overdone and showy. However, if you manage to strike a perfect balance between classy and restrained, a bracelet can add an intriguingly eclectic look to your wardrobe. Bracelets are different from other men's accessories because they become a distinct feature of your look. They're not a centrepiece, of course, but they're definitely more noticeable than other accessories. The key is knowing how to style men's bracelets properly. 

Men's bracelets styling

Styling for Men's Bracelets

The most important thing to get right is the styling; you don't want to look like you've raided a pharaoh's tomb to get dressed up in the morning. Luckily, there's a set of standard rules that dictate the way you should style your bracelet to get maximum benefit from it. 


Wear bracelets on one side only

The golden rule of wearing men's bracelets is to make sure you wear them on one side of your body only. If you're going for more than one bracelet at a time, it's better to wear them one wrist as opposed to trying to balance them out. This is because they can look too symmetrical and orchestrated. 


Layer small bracelets on top of each other

It's perfectly acceptable and encouraged to layer thin bracelets on top of each other. However, avoid wearing a mixture of thick bracelets and thin bracelets in a stacked row. This can look too untidy. 


Men's bracelet 

Treat bracelets like watches

Men's bracelets, just like watches, are supposed to rest against the skin. If you're wearing a jacket or any sleeved shirt, it's expected the fabric will sit over the top of the bracelet. 


Don't layer thick bracelets on top of each other

We give you the go-ahead to layer thin bracelets; but thick bracelets are different story. You don't want to make your wrist look too heavy and chunky by going overboard with the thick men's bracelets. Usually one (maximum two) should suffice. 


Don't mix silver and gold metal bracelets together

When it comes to hues of gold and silver bracelets, don't mix and match. A silver or gold bracelet is a statement in its own right so there's not need to overdo it by mixing and matching the two. 


Men's bracelet style


Types of Men's Bracelets

There's a wide range of men's bracelets out there that will distinctly alter your wardrobe. Here are the most common types of bracelets. 

Elastic men's bracelets

Elastic men's bracelets are incredibly convenient options because they'll stretch and move according to the circumference of your wrist. They're also the most easy option to take on and off because they'll easily slide over the widest part of your hand. 

Elastic men's bracelet

Hook men's bracelets

Hook bracelets are a stylish option because usually the hook will become a feature in its own right. The only downside of these bracelets is they can't be adjusted to suit the circumference of your wrist. 


Hook Bracelet


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