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How to Style a Collar Bar

Collar bars undeniably have an alluring old world appeal but that doesn't mean to say they're redundant in the modern fashion sphere. If you style a collar bar the right way, it has the ability to add a powerful nuanced tone to your look. Forget the big ticket items like suits and shirts; it just takes a small accessory to make all the difference when it comes to detailed style. 


Collar Bar with Shirt


So why do men wear collar bars in the first place? Do they have a practical function? The answer can be found in the black and white photos you'll find of Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra in the 20th century. Some of our most revered icons were put on a pedestal for their ability to adopt detailed dress codes; collar bars played a huge part of that. 


Jay Gatsby Collar Bar     

In modern days, you'll see current celebrities like Jay Z and Mr di Caprio rocking collar bars with their tailored dress. 


Square Collar Bar  Barrel Collar Bar


Styling Tips for Collar Bars

Living up to the precedence set by the wealth of celebrities who've adopted collar bars takes a bit of styling know-how. If you're going to do it, then it's worth doing it right. 


James Bond Collar Bar


1. The most basic rule is that you're going to need a necktie. A collar bar in absence of something to support is completely wasted. 


2. Make sure your collar bar matches the colour and finish of your other accessories. If your cufflinks are silver, please don't wear a gold collar bar. Also pay attention to your belt buckle, watch and rings if you have any. If there's a mis-match in your accessories, you will immediately draw attention in a negative way. 


3. Don't over-accessorise. Wearing a collar bar in itself is a statement, so you shouldn't feel the need to wear a statement piece on top of another statement piece. Don't wear a tie bar and a collar bar in the same outfit. 


What Do Collar Bars Do? 

Collar bars elevate your tie from your chest to create a confident arc appearance. Essentially, they work to make the other features of your outfit look impressive and they don't do much in their own right. Having an elevated tie knot is universally perceived as strong and confident, so they make a great asset in the boardroom. 


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