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How To Put on Collar Stays

Collar stays are a relatively new innovation, invented only in the 1950s, that possess a quality of timeless sophistication. Having been adapted from earlier forms of collar supports in the 1920s, collar stays alleviate a centuries-old problem of untidy dress shirts. 


To put it in the most simple terms, collar stays anchor down your shirt collar and create an elegant, flat-lined look that gentlemen for many centuries have appreciated. Their simplicity is ingenious and for many men it's hard to imagine life without them. Before the collar stay was invented, society opted for stiff detachable collars which were highly prevalent in the 1800s. Collar stays offer a more convenient and versatile alternative.


Suit and Collar Stays

What are collar stays?

Collar stays are two pieces of solid material that insert into the front portion of your collar on either side. These two materials come in plastic, stainless, steel, gold, silver and brass options and they have a flat aesthetic so they can be easily inserted into fabric. 


Collar stays work to anchor down your collar and provide a crisp shape which is often hard to achieve without the use of collar stays. Only collared dress shirts will have the capacity to hold collar stays as they will generally come with an insertion slit on the underside of either collar.


Brushed Silver Collar Stay Brass Collar Stays


How to Put on Collar Stays Step-by-Step

Collar stays are relatively straight forward to put on, you just have to be wary of putting the correct end in first. Each collar stay comes with a discernible front and back end; one will be a lot narrower than the other. It's always pertinent to insert the narrow end in first as it will make for more easy gliding. 


1. Fold up both sides of your collar and locate the collar stay slits on the underside of the fabric.


2. Once you've located the opening, grab one collar stay and gently guide the narrow end through the fabric. 


3. Push the collar stay forwards to the front of the collar towards your chin. Make sure it's completely inserted to avoid risking it fall out. 


4. Take your other collar stay and repeat on the other side of your collar. 


5. Fold down your collar and adjust it to where you'd like it to sit. 


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