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What Side Does a Lapel Pin Go?

Lapel pins are synonymous with formality and they go a long way in telling people your disposition for sophistication. The incredible aura of elegance that lapel pins provide can be immediately shattered if they're not treated with the correct level of knowledge. Knowing where lapel pins are to be placed on your suit is one of the most important things that every gentleman should consider before he proudly marches out the door.


Where Does a Lapel Pin Go? 

The big question is: Left or Right


Rabbit Lapel Pin with Suit 

The correct positioning for a lapel pin is for it to sit on the left side of your chest. The easiest way to remember this is to always follow your heart, in the most literal sense possible. Most suit jackets come with a small buttonhole on the left lapel to indicate where the lapel pin should sit. All you have to do is glide the stick pin through the buttonhole and let the emblem (or flower) sit at the top. 


The benefit of these buttonholes is that you don't have to force a slit through the fabric. It will adorn your chest whenever you like without having to leave any visible markings on your suit jacket. 


How To Wear a Lapel Pin

How to Wear a Lapel Pin

There are inconsistencies amongst fashion circles about whether you should wear the stick pin in front or behind the lapel on your suit. Traditional styling etiquette will dictate that the stick pin should always be hidden from plain view, but as fashions continue to evolve, the customs of wearing lapel pins change too.


As of today, there are no rules set in stone about whether the pin should be visible or invisible. It really comes down to whether you're a traditionalist or a rebel. Both styles will look acceptable when you're wearing them out and about. 


Flower Lapel Pin Rabbit Lapel Pin

If you want to sport a highly formal look and you're attending a wedding, it may be preferred to keep your stick pin hidden. This is because it's respectful to honour traditional events with traditional style. A satin rose lapel pin will look superb for weddings and other esteemed occassions. 


If you're attending a more fashion-forward event and the dress code requires you to look trendy and daring, then all the rules of out the window. Wearing your stick pin on the front of your lapel will be considered edgier and more trend savvy. The perfect place for this kind of look is at the races or your evening social gatherings. 


Lapel Pin with Suit

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