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Does a Bow Tie Go Under the Collar?


The bow tie is a fashion icon that transcends time and trends, bringing elegance and sophistication to any attire. Its placement, whether under the collar or not, can make or break the entire look. This detailed guide uncovers the etiquette of wearing a bow tie under the collar and offers insights into matching it with various accessories from OTAA's Bow Tie Collection

Understanding the Anatomy of a Bow Tie

A bow tie is more than just a piece of fabric; it is a statement piece that demands proper wearing. Knowing its structure is key to ensuring its correct placement. We’ll explore how to ensure your bow tie is properly positioned under the collar, creating a refined and elegant appearance.

Traditional Way of Wearing a Bow Tie

The conventional approach to wearing a bow tie is to position it under the collar. This ensures a polished and professional appearance. The details matter and understanding how to wear a bow tie correctly can accentuate your style.

The Importance of Placement

The placement of the bow tie under the collar is not merely a matter of preference; it is an established rule of fashion. Wearing it correctly sets the tone for a well-groomed look, reflecting attention to detail and personal style.

Selection of Bow Ties

Choosing the right bow tie is essential. Whether it's Pre-tied Bowties or self-tied, the style, color, and fabric can add depth to your appearance. OTAA's collection offers endless options for every occasion. 

Mistakes to Avoid

Common mistakes such as wearing the bow tie over the collar or selecting a wrong size can disrupt the aesthetic appeal. Here's how to avoid them:

Over the Collar

Wearing the bow tie over the collar breaks the visual line and diminishes the sophisticated appearance. It can signify a lack of attention to detail and negatively impact the overall look.

Incorrect Size

The size and shape of a bow tie should complement the wearer's face and body structure. Choosing a bow tie that is too large or too small can create an unbalanced look.

Improper Knotting

Knotting a bow tie requires practice and precision. A poorly tied knot can make the bow tie sit awkwardly, affecting the way it lays under the collar. OTAA's Bow Tie Collection includes various styles to suit individual preferences. 

How to Pair a Bow Tie with Different Shirt Collars

Spread Collar

A spread collar offers a modern and versatile look, allowing for various bow tie styles. Matching it with a bow tie from the Bow Tie Collection can create an elegant appearance.

Wing Collar

Traditionally used in formal attire, the wing collar is perfect for classic black bow ties. The wings of the collar provide a perfect frame for the bow tie.

Point Collar

A point collar is the most common collar type and works well with most bow ties. Whether it's a patterned or solid color, it provides a balanced look.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

Self-Tie Bow Ties

Self-tie bow ties offer an authentic and customizable look but require practice to master. A well-tied bow tie conveys a sense of elegance and individuality.

Pre-Tied Bow Ties

If you prefer convenience without sacrificing style, pre-tied bow ties from OTAA offer a great option. They maintain a classic look with less effort involved. 

Accessorizing with Bow Ties

Accessorizing your outfit with Pocket SquaresCufflinks, Lapel Pins or other elegant pieces can enhance your overall look. OTAA offers a vast collection to match any bow tie and suit.


The Versatility of Bow Ties with Suits and Tuxedos

Bow ties are versatile and can be worn with both suits and tuxedos. They can complement a business look or add flair to a party outfit. Whether you are wearing a classic black suit or a stylish tuxedo, a bow tie can be a perfect accessory. OTAA's Necktie Collection offers various options to explore.

Pro Tips for Wearing a Bow Tie

Here are some additional tips to perfect the bow tie look:


- Ensure the bow tie is of the right size and proportion to your face and collar.
- Match the fabric of your bow tie with your suit and shirt.
- Consider occasion-appropriate colors and patterns.
- Practice tying the bow tie to achieve the desired look.
- Coordinate with other accessories like Pocket Squares

Conclusion: Mastering the Bow Tie

Wearing a bow tie under the collar is an art form that reflects a mastery of style and elegance. By understanding how to wear it, choosing the right bow tie for the occasion, and pairing it with different collars, you can make a memorable impression. Browse OTAA’s collection of bow ties, neckties, and accessories to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Remember, the right bow tie can transform your appearance, but wearing it under the collar is crucial. The variety and options available at OTAA allow for endless creativity while maintaining a touch of classic elegance.




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