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Best Breakfast Cafes in San Francisco

Two types of people appreciate a delicious breakfast outside the house: those who say “five minutes more” and those who wake up so early to start the day in the gym.
If you are thinking of going to San Francisco, I leave a recommendation for a healthy breakfast. The truth is that Americans take it very seriously that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Mama’s on Washington Square
Mama’s on Washington Square   
If you go to San Francisco, you must have a breakfast or brunch at Mama’s. The café is known for its long waiting lines on the street, but the wait is totally rewarded with the food delights! You have to wait approximately 30 minutes for breakfast. When entering, you make another row to order, then pay and sit at the table that you have been assigned. I was arrived at 8:30 am and waited almost 40 minutes but breakfast was very good. I had Florentine benedicts, breasts, hot chocolate, carrot cake and smoothie for $49.
 Brenda’s French Soul Food
  Brenda’s French Soul Food   
It is located near Alamo Square, near “painted houses”. I especially liked the site for its retro and quirky charm that seemed out of any American movie. They just ask you if you want coffee and if so, they will come back with a couple of black coffee cups. If you are looking for an authentic “Louisiana” style in the Bay Area, Brenda is your place. It offers great breakfast and brunch menu. I love the semolina, sweet potato pancakes and sausage.
Sweet Maple
Sweet Maple    
Sweet Maple is a little out of the way from City Center. Sweet Maple offers very good breakfast in general. This place is a must in San Francisco. I ended up spending $38 for two breakfasts followed by lemonade. Absolutely worth a visit! The breakfast is very good and they have a lot of options for everyone!
Hollywood Café
  Hollywood Café San Francisco  
It’s worth waiting for about 20 minutes of queuing for this breakfast. The price is somewhat expensive. This is a convenient place for breakfast in the Fisherman's Wharf area (don’t mind the queues during rush hours). I ordered eggs with bacon and an omelet with ham and cheese which was delicious. They have a great variety of eggs, pancakes and all kinds of tortillas. The service was good and fast.
Sears Fine Foods
Sears Fine Foods   
The restaurant maintains a very old decoration both inside and outside. Although it is a busy place with a lot of hustle and bustle, it is worth eating here. I went there several times during my stay in San Francisco since the breakfasts are amazing. I recommend the benedict eggs. The staff is friendly and the place is decorated with care.
Soluna Cafe and Lounge
Soluna Cafe and Lounge
I highly recommend Soluna Cafe & Lounge for a bite. The staff is friendly, professional and friendly. The decor is relaxing and spacious. They offer a healthy breakfast at a reasonable price and generous portions. I tried the tuna with fries.
The Grove
The Grove San Francisco    
I started with the perfect boysenberry cake, delicious coffee, and perfect freshly squeezed oranges while reading books waiting for the arrival of the rest of the group. When they arrived I ordered an avocado, toast, cut oatmeal, and a breakfast burrito.
Spiro Coffee    
It’s a quirky place with the ambiance of New Orleans. Surely you will have to wait a bit for them to feel you, especially if you are past 9:00 am. They will make you put your name and number of people on the board they have at the entrance. Once seated the enjoyment is assured.
It was the best day and most breakfasts. Everything tasted great. I ordered a “homemade granola pancakes with fresh fruit” ($ 11.75). The coffee is only charged once, here it was $ 2.50, and they refill it as many times as you want.
Caffe Trieste
  caffe trieste san francisco
It is an excellent choice for a cafe in North Beach. This is not the typical elegant coffee house you can find in San Francisco. This is an original interpretation of an Italian coffee bar. Although I only had an espresso, the cheese sandwich that was being eaten by the gentleman on my side looked very good.
For several mornings, I visited some recommended breakfast cafes where their cooks worry about a good breakfast. The combination of breakfast and brunch is one of the best things to do in San Francisco.  I recommend eating at one of these breakfast cafes at least once during your stay in San Francisco to live the true American experience. Eating breakfast in San Francisco is extremely pleasant!

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