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The Best Ties to Wear to the Office

If you want to master the art of professionalism in the corporate game, it's vital to recognise the significance ties have on your overall demeanour. Traditionally, standard neckties are thought of as being the best ties to wear to work because they're more robust and confident than their skinny tie counterparts. Whether it's a Jordan Belfort business style you're going for, or you want to master the nuances of corporate wear; we're going to divulge all the best ties to wear to the office


It's almost hard to imagine a corporate office without ties making an appearance. They help you look sharper, more intelligent, and in all honesty, more wealthy than the one guy who neglected to wear one. There's no question, you made a much better impression than he did. 


To understand why there's so much emphasis placed on the tie you wear to work, it's important to look at the habits of some of the most powerful men of the modern era. I'm talking the Howard Schultz', Warren Buffett's and Jeff Bezos' of the world. 

Jeff Bezos Necktie

There's a a few things they all have in common:

- Work ethic

- Self belief

- A power tie


When it comes down to it, your work ethic has to speak for itself. But before you get to utter your first word in a job interview, or shake a client's hand for the first time, there's something that's impossible for them to miss about you: the clothes you decided to put on your back in the morning. 


In a game where first impressions always last, it's naive to assume that your tie doesn't matter. Presentation is everything and a great tie may be the boost of confidence you need to make it through a crazy work schedule. 


The Corporate Stripe

A thick, bold diagonal stripe is the asset some men need to make an emboldening statement in the office. Striped ties communicate confidence and straightforwardness due to their regimented lines and if you pair a striped tie with a plain black or navy suit, you'll instantly achieve a masculine look. These ties are perfect for law firms, finance and business jobs. When opting for the corporate stripe tie, go for yellows, whites, blues and reds for the most classic take. 


The Striped Tie

The Red Tie

If you want something that's going to pop, a scarlet red tie is the original "power tie" that men use in the boardroom. Red ties for work are a sharp option because they contrast so well with deep coloured suits. If you want to read more carefully into colour meaning, red ties communicate power and confidence. Basically, they mean you're in it to win it. In a job interview, red ties may be too bold as they can be interpreted as overly confident and perhaps even a little cocky. Only wear your red tie once you're an established member of the firm. 

The Red Tie

The Burgundy Tie

This is a much less polarising alternative to the red power tie. Its deeper, more subdued shade hints people in to your taste and level of restraint. Burgundy ties are a great option to wear to job interviews as well as when you're an established employee. 

The Burgundy Tie

The Blue Tie

Slightly less bold than red ties; blue ties offer a sophisticated asset to your corporate wear. When paired with a navy or a black suit, blue ties for work communicate that you're sophisticated, calculated and honest. Blue ties are a great choice for job interviews because they look smart without being too emboldening. 

The Blue Tie

The Yellow Tie

Yellow ties are a quirkier choice for the boardroom and they'll let your colleagues know you have a whimsical side. Yellow invites people to perceive you as open, optimistic and a bit creative. We would generally recommend reserving yellow ties for creative/media jobs than law firms!

Yellow Tie

The Brown Tie

Brown ties are a perfect option for interview situations. They're slick and subtle so they won't polarise your audience and they're paired best with navy blue suits. Wear a brown tie if you're just testing the waters, you don't want to go too bold too soon if you're new to the office. 

The Brown Tie


The best tie to wear to work definitely depends on the circumstance but there are some timeless classics that will never fade out of fashion. Burgundies and blues will never escape the corporate sphere and neither will thick stripes. Be assertive when choosing the best tie to wear to work, particularly if you have a job interview. It's important not to polarise your audience or to communicate the wrong message about yourself.  

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