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Should you Wear a Tie for a Job Interview?

When it comes to acing the interview for your dream job; your handshake, eye contact, demeanour and presentation make up at least 50% of your overall chances. When it comes to sealing the deal with your prospective employer, you've got to look at the bigger picture. When competition for employment is so high these days, it's essential to consider every detail. This is why wearing a tie to a job interview is a must


If you look at some of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in modern history, think Jordan Belfort, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett; you'll find they all have three things in common:


- Strong work ethic
-Original ideas
- A power tie

Jeff Bezos Necktie


Although your appearance isn't the be-all and end-all of your employment prospects, it definitely has a strong impact on how your interviewer perceives you. Even if the position won't require you to wear a tie on the job, it's pertinent to wear one in the early stages to show your commitment. 


There's a number of things wearing a tie will communicate about you when it comes to a job interview. To put it in the most simple terms; it will make you look more professional, tidier and more prepared than the other gents in the room who opted to go without. When something so simple can have such a powerful effect, there's really no excuse not to wear a tie to a job interview. 


Best Ties to Wear to a Job Interview

Now we've settled that ties are compulsory, it's time to delve into the signals ties give off. Different colours, patterns and fabrics communicate a wealth of messages about you so it's important to understand the finer complexities. 


The Navy Blue Tie

Navy blue ties communicate that you're well calculated and poised. Navy blue is one of the most restrained tones on the colour spectrum so they will go a long way in communicating your refinement and composure. Navy blue ties are much less polarising and intimidating than red ties, so they're a superb option for meeting your future employer for the very first time. 


Indigo Blue Herringbone Necktie


The Burgundy Tie

The burgundy tie is the new "power tie"; taking the crown from the red tie. Burgundy ties are a much less intimidating alternative to red ties which makes them a superior choice for job interviews. A burgundy tie will give your look a good dose of confidence without having a polarising effect. Pair a burgundy tie with a black or dark navy suit to make a truly classic statement. 


Burgundy Satin Necktie                            

The Yellow Tie

Although yellow ties are not a classic choice, they're a superb option if you're applying for a creative industry job. Yellow ties go a long way in communicating your creativity, personality and confidence. If you're applying for a job in advertising or media industries, a yellow tie will be a knock out. 


Yellow on Blue Pin Dots Tie


The Bold Stripe Tie

A diagonal striped tie is synonymous with corporate attire. If you're going for a job interview at a particularly conservative workplace; a striped tie will be a classic option. Twin stripes, pin stripes and thick stripes are all great corporate ties that will make a professional statement in the office. 


Navy Blue Pencil Stripe Tie



The Brown Tie 

Brown ties make a reliable statement in a workplace. They show that you're confident, trustworthy and straightforward however, they do have connotations of dullness. Wearing a brown tie to a job interview will communicate to your potential employer that you're a safe bet and you'll be a reliable employee. 


Brown Columbia Wool Tie


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