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How Long Are Collar Bars?

Despite their long and esteemed heritage, collar bars are one of the men's accessories that are clouded in a lot of ambiguity. Many men don't know how to wear collar bars or even know what they are in many instances. In 2015 when Daniel Craig stepped on screen with a collar bar in the latest James Bond instalment, a new interest was suddenly revived in the foreign accessory. What is it and how did it originate?  


It was a refreshing sight to see our modern Bond pay tribute to the classic style of his ancestors; notable Sean Connery and Roger Moore. And in the same way that many old fashions circulate into the modern sphere on rotation, collar bars are enjoying their 21st century revival.  


James Bond Collar Bar


Collar bars generally come between 3 cm and 6 cm long, or 1.1 inches and 2.3 inches. The disparity in size affords you the option to wear them with various collar arrangements. For collar bars, you're going to require a pin collar shirt; a shirt that's specifically designed for the use of collar bars or collar pins. These shirts occasionally range in collar style, but they'll generally require a collar bar that's 5 cm to 6 cm long. 


Barrel Collar Bar Collar Bar

What are Collar Bars? 

A collar bar is a close relative to the collar pin although they're commonly painted with the same brush. Collar bars paint a quintessential image of 1920s style when elegance and nuanced style was at its highest. Detailed suit arrangements were a trademark of the early 20th century and collar bars are a perfect example of the kind of nuanced detail men strived to adopt. These days, its becoming rarer and rarer to see collar bars sported at formal engagements which speaks to the level of value we place on detail. 


Collar Bars, Collar Pins: What's the Difference? 


Difference between a collar bar and collar pin


The distinguishing difference between collar bars and collar pins is that collar bars involve two detachable ends that screw and and screw off. Collar pins, on the other hand, function much like a safety pin and they don't involve any detachable parts. 


Collar bars are to simply be inserted through the pin holes your shirt collar with the ends firmly screwed on on either side. Collar pins require you to navigate the pin through your shirt collar and secure the pin on one side much like you would a safety pin. 


What Do Collar Bars Do?

Collar bars work to elevate your tie knot from your chest ever so slightly. They create a noticeable arc that gives your tie a strong appearance and helps to alleviate the strain of your tie knot from your neck. Men opt to wear collar bars because it creates a confident presence around the chest and gives that extra hint of detail that many gentlemen fail to consider. A collar by itself is very subtle, its valued for the work it does in backing up your tie and chest area. Essentially, it's an accessory that enhances your other details. 


Collar Bar with Shirt


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