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Are Collar Bars Old Fashioned?

Collar bars experienced their height of popularity in the roaring 20s when they became one of the quintessential accessories for dapper style. Having been prized for their detail and ability to deliver nuanced style, collar bars made appearances on some of our most revered Hollywood icons such as Fred Astaire.


Fred Astaire Collar Bar

When men are wearing jeans and t-shirts to work these days, it's understandable to be worried about collar bars being too old fashioned. However, it's important to remember that when many older fashions continually circulate into the modern sphere, collar bars still maintain their traction in the 2019 landscape. Collar bars add a subtle vintage flair to your suit and a level of detail that many others fail to consider.  


Elegance and opulent detail were hallmarks of the 1920s fashion landscape and other accessories like suspenders, cufflinks and watch chain were all at their height. It was their level of intricacy that made collar bars and these other accessories so high in demand. 


In today's modern landscape that's oversaturated in modern accessories, it's easy to forget the role collar bars once played in men's fashion. It's all too common to focus more attention on the big ticket items such as jackets and ties particularly when there's so many competing financial pressures. But if we know one thing's for sure: it's that collar bars have the power to transform your outfit from ordinary to nuanced. 


Collar Bar Barrel Collar Bar

 Hollywood Revival of Collar Bars

Although it's uncommon to see collar bars in your day to day routine, they're undeniably going through a revival in Hollywood. Jay Z was spotted wearing collar bars on the red carpet numerous times in 2013 and they're even regularly sported by Harvey Spectre on the TV drama Suits.


Jay Z Collar Pin


If that isn't enough to convince you, Daniel Craig made a statement in the latest James Bond instalment, Spectre, when he wore a collar bar with a classic black tie and suit combination. 


James Bond Collar Bar


The 2013 remake of The Great Gatsby saw a huge revival of 1920s fashion, sported by none other than Leonardo di Caprio. Collar bars, waistcoats, pocket watches and even the fashion walking stick all made appearances. The overwhelming blockbuster success of The Great Gatsby shows our sentimentality of the past, and particularly, our glamourisation of the 1920s era.


Great Gatsby Fashion


The Verdict

Collar bars are undeniably old fashioned as are so many of the accessories and staples we still use in our day to day life. The ties that we take for granted originated in the 17th century- long before the collar bar was ever imagined. 


Collar bars may have a vintage appeal but they do the hard yards in making your tie look stronger and more confident than it does by itself. The invaluable arc shape that a collar bar creates can be the difference in between acing a job interview or leaving your potential employer unsure. The value of a collar bar is just as symbolic as anything; it's synonymous with pride as it creates a confident arrangement on your chest. 


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