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Can you Wear a Bracelet with a Suit?

Wearing a men's bracelet with a suit collides formality with individuality and there's a few styling tips you need to know about before you dive head first into wearing one. Men's bracelets are a unique example in the pool of men's accessories that actually has a female counterpart. Just think that no other mens accessory; such as ties, cufflinks and tie bars, are typically worn also by women. This means you have to be careful when styling them so you don't miss the mark with your formal tailoring. 


Men's Bracelets


Getting down to the nuts and bolts of men's bracelets; there's different styling rules for different occasions. Leather bracelets, which are the most common type, tend to give outfits a more eclectic look. They look carefree with a street style edge. 


Gold and silver bracelets on the other hand have a more showy effect, and give a glamorous edge to wardrobe ensembles. 


Men's bracelet


The trick to styling men's bracelets with a suit is striking the right balance between cool and sophisticated. A poorly styled wrist can easily drag down the level of sophistication in the rest of your outfit. 


How to Wear a Men's Bracelet with a Suit

The difference between formal and casual style is generally the level of sophistication you'll want to achieve. To do justice to a well tailored suit, you're going to need to keep as much refinement as possible in your accessory assemblage. 


Keep it simple

To strike the right amount of sophistication, you should only wear one men's bracelet with a suit. Due to the already sophisticated nature of formal wear, it may look overdone if you opt for more than one bracelet. As Leonardo da Vinci once put it: "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". 


Match your accessories

If you're wearing other accessories like a tie bar or a lapel pin, it's advisable to wear a bracelet that doesn't clash. It's never a good idea to mix silver and golds together in one outfit. 


Men's Bracelet Style


Treat it like a watch

Think of your bracelet as a watch in that it's supposed to sit against your skin. If you're wearing a suit jacket, it's expected your sleeves will cover your bracelet, just like they would if it was a watch. 

Avoid wearing cufflinks as well
Your wrists are a small body body part in relation to the rest of your suit so it will be too distracting if you bombard them with too many accessories. Reserve your wrists for one type of accessory only, this means choosing between a bracelet or cufflinks. 


Elastic Men's Bracelet  Hook bracelet



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